Biden is caught telling a whopper of a lie

And it’s really impacting one family in a painful way.

In 1972, Biden’s first wife and daughter were tragically killed in an auto accident. Equally tragic, Joe Biden has started telling the world that the driver of the tractor trailer involved in the wreck was drunk.

Not true. In fact, the family asked celebrity show Inside Edition for a little equal time after the Biden version of the tragedy appeared on that show.

Biden’s story from a U of Delaware speech:

“I got one of those phone calls…I got a phone call saying, ‘Your wife’s dead; your daughter’s dead’ … It was an errant driver who stopped to drink instead of drive and hit a tractor trailer, hit my children and my wife and killed them.”

The link is to Biden’s Senate Web site.

Delaware police records say the driver was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Please take time to read the links and get the whole story. If Biden will lie about something so important to gain sympathy, what else will he justify while helping to lead this great country?

H/T: Ol’ Broad who offers her usual witty and purposeful commentary.