An update on Brookfield’s voter registration confusion

There was a meeting at city hall today to discuss how the Mayor will respond to the Republican call for verifying voter registration. Initial information suggests Mayor Jeff Speaker will not enforce the federal law. Aldermen are suggesting that Brookfield needs to be a leader for this issue. If other communities see Brookfield failing to comply, then they’ll think they don’t need to take the law for verification seriously, either.

I’m working to get more information. You should know that City of Brookfield Clerk Kristine Schmidt does not support any form of voter id or this request. I think we’d all agree that Mayor Jeff Speaker should be making this decision. The council, of course, could mandate it as well, and fund the mandate accordingly.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Speaker to enforce this one. He’s used a little voter fraud to his advantage in the past. For the last primary election in February of 2006 he had his adult daughter (he has a son and daughter from his first marriage that you never hear about) register as a voter in Brookfield the day of the vote. She claimed Speaker’s address as her home, even though she actually lived in Menomonee Falls as her driver’s license would have shown. (He still lost.)

I know this issue is important to Republicans this season, but keep in mind, with Wisconsin’s very liberal voter registration, it doesn’t really matter. When you can sign up to vote at any location the day of the election, you’re bound to have real discrepancies in voter legitimacy. As you see above, you really don’t need any documentation for registration.

It will be interesting to see if Wisconsin ever addresses this long-legislated decision for same-day registration. I can bet it will take different leadership to make it happen.


  1. I just don’t get it. What IS the issue? Why do people have to register to vote on election day? Did they just wake up out of a coma, having missed all the media hype, endless phone calls and television and radio commercials and all of a sudden realize “Hey! I have to vote today! There’s an election, apparently!”

    Everyone knows there is an election coming up. If you’ve voted in recent history, you don’t even have to register again, unless you’ve moved. If you have NOT voted in recent history (WHY not??), get your fanny out there NOW to register.

    This is a no brainer…there’s no reason why anyone has to register on election day – nor is there any reason why you shouldn’t have to show ID when registering, OR when voting….

    …that is, unless you’re trying to get away with something…ahem…

  2. Yes. Someone is trying to get away with something. That something is the election. How can you tell who the someone is? It’s the people who don’t want to pass or enforce laws concerning voter integrity and voter id and those people are dems. Why? Because they know that their side is the beneficiary of voter fraud.

  3. I was under the impression that the voter registration & id verification was the LAW… therefore compliance with it not subject to the opinion of whether someone agrees with it or not.

    For example, some may not like the 30mph speed limit along Pilgrim Parkway… but that does not exempt them from compliance, nor from consequences of non-compliance.

    Although some may have to work longer and harder to be compliant with this law, ALL jobs and professions have distateful tasks and occaisional heavier workload. Many face these burdens with minimal staffing due to economic job cuts.

    Therefore I understood the issue to be about smaller governmental bodies not exempting themselves from compliance with the law.

    Bipartisan law. Not Law-ala-carte, selecting from a buffet of laws which you choose to abide by and those to premeditate breaking.

    Doesn’t breaking a federal law make one a felon?
    If we allow government employees exemption from compliance with the laws, we are creating a tiered society in which “we, the people” are minions and those in government are god-like.

    A slippery slope, indeed!

  4. Cheri M – Yes it is a slippery, dangerous slope. The undermining of democracy is very serious. If the election results are close and there are issues it will be a civil war of sorts. The resulting law suits and further distrust of government will result in a widening gap between Americans with more gridlock and wasting of resources at the worst possible time. The governor in my state pooh-poohs indications of fraud while the local police reports indicate serious concerns.