Brookfield’s official stance on voter verification

**Keep in mind, Flaherty works as a political appointee of Mayor Jeff Speaker now. There’s no more independence between the attorney’s office and the mayor’s.

From the city attorney:

Over the past several days there has been a great deal of discussion and
media attention regarding local municipal compliance with the Federal Help
America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). Our city clerk and staff along with their
counterparts in the other communities in Wisconsin have been performing
web-based HAVA checks at the direction of the Government Accountability
Board. The Government Accountability Board (GAB) is the successor to the
State Elections Board which oversees and administers the laws and rules
relating to elections. One of the areas that the GAB is charged with
responsibility by State Statute is the Statewide voter registration list.

Wisconsin Statutes Section 5.05 (15) states that “[t]he board is
responsible for the design and maintenance of the official registration
list….. The board shall require all municipalities to use the list in
every election and may require any municipality to adhere to procedures
established by the board for proper maintenance of the list.” The
procedure established by the GAB states that municipal clerks are to
perform HAVA checks confirming registration information beginning August 6,
2008. The City of Brookfield is in compliance with that procedural
requirement. Under 5.50 (15) of the Statutes, the City cannot perform
checks or alter the State registration list for registrations prior to
August 6, 2008. Such activity on the part of the City would violate the
procedures established by GAB which in turn would be in violation of the
Wisconsin Statutes. Kevin Kennedy, the Director and General Counsel of
GAB, confirmed GAB’s responsibility for the administration of election
procedures, and verified that municipalities cannot change the voter
registration list by using HAVA checks for registrations prior to August 6,
2008 unless such is the final result of the lawsuit recently filed against
GAB by Attorney General Van Hollen or if the GAB decides to alter its
established procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to
contact me.

Karen J. Flaherty
City Attorney
City of Brookfield
2000 N. Calhoun Road
Brookfield, Wisconsin
(262) 787-3525


  1. Isn’t the GAB comprised of political hacks appointed by “Disingenuous” Jimmy Doyle ?

  2. Brookfield doesn’t need ACORN to infiltrate our voter system. It’s being done from within. It’s obvious which party is enabling voter fraud. If it were the Republicans, Democrats would be demanding voter registration verification. As long as we have this governor and his hand-picked judges making the legal decisions, Republicans are the disenfranchised voters in Wisconsin. You can bet the lawsuit filed by J.B. VanHollen won’t be decided in time to validate Wisconsin’s presidential election.

  3. @ anon & leapin-

    You know, it’s really easy to find out the makeup of the GAB so you don’t sound uninformed when you post your slanders.

    Do a little Google. Work with a fact or two at hand. The change will do you two some good.

  4. grumps – shall we just crown you the king of drive bys?

    If you have wisdom to share, by all means enlighten us. Your comment does nothing towards framing an argument.

  5. Obama supporters point that this situation is further proof that B.O. is the messiah as dead voters will rise on election day.