I know, I all but disappeared today

Well, it all started when I realized the annual mammogram was on my calendar. It was probably best that I didn’t get to dread it that long, but it took up some time.

Next, a NYC journalism think tank contacted me about the Obama Germany photos. They may be doing a little research to shore up my argument. I’ve since found this photo that makes me think the AP photographer Photoshopped the media risers out of his pic.

Out of that contact, I realized the photo links had been broken when I upgraded that site last weekend. I had to restore from back up 9 months of photos and documents.

Then the youngest called mid-day to say she wasn’t feeling well and needed to head home.

Ad to it all a few local political phone calls, calls from both boys (woohoo! no one asked for money), and a long chat with two different girlfriends plus one to my favorite NYC acquaintance–well, it was a busy day.

Somewhere in all that I booked a couple of trips using Midwest frequent flyer miles. (Yes, it can still be done.)

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Now I’m heading to the pool for a late summer swim and then off to bed. I bid you all a good evening.