Why a bailout would be good for America

It would neuter Obama’s plans for spending should he be elected. 🙂

That’s really close to being an explanation that’s good enough for me.


  1. Republicans lost their privilages of telling Americans that, “Democrates spend too much money”, a LONG time ago.

    About 8 years to be more precise.

    Fiscal conservatives do not exist in the Republican party at present.

  2. Mr. Obama has proposed a massive tax increase on investors, business owners, and the “wealthy.” At a time when the American people rate the economy as the central issue of the campaign, a tax hike doesn’t make a lot of political sense. Voters know that a tax hike won’t help the economy.

    Moreover, Mr. Obama’s tax plans would directly or indirectly harm U.S. investors by raising the capital gains and dividend taxes. More than half of U.S. households are equity owners, so Mr. Obama’s proposal risks alienating half the population.

    Mr. Obama claims to offer a tax cut to moderate-income families, but a significant portion of Mr. Obama’s tax plan is a welfare giveaway costing more than $648 billion over 10 years, according to the Tax Policy Center.

    How so? He would authorize a hodgepodge of refundable tax credits covering everything from education, mortgage payments, child care and other items for people who do not pay income taxes now.

    About 38% of U.S. households pay no income tax today. Under a President Obama (whose policies would shave 15.3 million households off the tax rolls) that share would grow to nearly half of all American households.

    This is before new taxes for health care, energy, etc.

  3. Repubabubba says:

    J. Strupp,
    Yes yes yes.
    It is only the most recent version of the NEW Republican party, the Converted and Saved TRUE BELIEVERS lead by the NEW John S. McCain that really think correctly. All the others, the LIBERAL LIARS and THE GREEDY OLD REPUBLICANS who tricked John McCain into befriending them and voting like them. THE NEW republicans know that despite the current VERY strong fundamentals that Cindy talks about here on her blog, and John McCain has mentioned, combined with the $700 billion donated by the true patriots of America to be distributed among the truely patriotic on Wall Street, we will be able to continue out current economic strength. Please note: If this were to be taxed as income tax, or even delayed by those deceitful traitors in congress, well we will certainly be at grave risk of a recession this quarter. So the choice is obvious:

    Hateful Taxes and/or delay of the True Patriots of Wall Street = recession, destruction of the solid fundamentals,
    donate $700 billion to these poor True Patriot people who are inadvertently caught in the mystical wizardry of finance so they may do what they will with it, which will certainly be better than what anyone else could do with that money.
    DUH Every Patriot knows we must give all of the money we have to Wall Street executives, and certainly should not then punish them with unfair taxes against that money!

  4. Actually, the financial bailout total will stand at more than 1.5 trillion if the newest proposal is passed.

    I was refering to (among other things) our foreign policy in the Middle East which has cost this country much more than 700 billion over the last 8 years but i get your point.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a brilliant political move by John McCain delaying this Friday’s debate. Most likely Obama will play follow the leader, which he is good at, and also go to Washington. Forget the resolution of the money mess. Since the Congress most likely will pass something this weekend, maybe even Friday, the debate would be pushed back in the news and as this one is on foreign policy it’s best done later for McCain. Also it was Obama who dictated that the first debate be on foreign policy and that has been taken away from him. This will make the Palin — Biden debate first and I believe this also is to McCain’s advantage. Hopefully he is just suspending his campaign and Gov Palin can continue to do her thing which is to draw and energize tens of thousands of people. It also will switch attention from his poor handling of the financial issue on the campaign and give him new direction on the issue. The Dems will scream foul while privately wishing they had made the move.

  6. April in Memphis says:

    This was one of the top google search results for “why a bailout would be good for america”. Seems that there is no explanation anywhere online that I can find that explains this.

    As far as the Obama and Mccain tax policies this is an interesting read:

    It seems to stick with the facts.

  7. Thanks April. Unfortunately, I have seen any better reason explained.

  8. April in Memphis says:

    If you want a real read though here is the full report look at the bottom of the page for the “entire analysis” link.


    Page 41 was scary.

  9. Shawn Matson says:

    “The New John McCain”

    Does it get funnier than that?