I don’t have a clue what McCain’s up to

But if you want, you can talk about it here.

Update – From the McCain campaign:

America this week faces an historic crisis in our financial system. We must pass legislation to address this crisis. If we do not, credit will dry up, with devastating consequences for our economy. People will no longer be able to buy homes and their life savings will be at stake. Businesses will not have enough money to pay their employees. If we do not act, ever corner of our country will be impacted. We cannot allow this to happen.

Last Friday, I laid out my proposal and I have since discussed my priorities and concerns with the bill the Administration has put forward. Senator Obama has expressed his priorities and concerns. This morning, I met with a group of economic advisers to talk about the proposal on the table and the steps that we should take going forward. I have also spoken with members of Congress to hear their perspective.

It has become clear that no consensus has developed to support the Administration’s proposal. I do not believe that the plan on the table will pass as it currently stands, and we are running out of time.

Tomorrow morning, I will suspend my campaign and return to Washington after speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative. I have spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of my decision and have asked him to join me.

I am calling on the President to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself. It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem.

We must meet as Americans, not as Democrats or Republicans, and we must meet until this crisis is resolved. I am directing my campaign to work with the Obama campaign and the commission on presidential debates to delay Friday night’s debate until we have taken action to address this crisis.

I am confident that before the markets open on Monday we can achieve consensus on legislation that will stabilize our financial markets, protect taxpayers and homeowners, and earn the confidence of the American people. All we must do to achieve this is temporarily set politics aside, and I am committed to doing so.

Following September 11th, our national leaders came together at a time of crisis. We must show that kind of patriotism now. Americans across our country lament the fact that partisan divisions in Washington have prevented us from addressing our national challenges. Now is our chance to come together to prove that Washington is once again capable of leading this country.


  1. publicity stunt

  2. Showing Obama how to lead? Country before personal ambition?

  3. Community organizing?

  4. I don’t know, what I’m seeing here is McCain feel a crunch due to this crisis in the polls.

    It makes perfect sense to see McCain cease campaigning and encouraging Obama to do the same. The Republicans at this time need to do this because Bush is in power and this crisis is reflecting badly on the Republican Party. If Obama continues to campaign, McCain’s campaign could suffer.

    To quickly note the keyword of the previous sentence: COULD suffer. I’m not saying it WILL, but it COULD…and it would make sense if it did.

  5. Nah, no crisis in the polls. There could be big numbers in California that don’t matter because California is already blue. I’ll wait for the state polls to reset before I form an opinion.

    I think this is a strategic move. I’ve been going through some ideas of my own. One of them I really like. I’ll just have to wait and see if it’s confirmed.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a brilliant political move by John McCain delaying this Friday’s debate. Most likely Obama will play follow the leader, which he is good at, and also go to Washington. Forget the resolution of the money mess. Since the Congress most likely will pass something this weekend, maybe even Friday, the debate would be pushed back in the news and as this one is on foreign policy it’s best done later for McCain. Also it was Obama who dictated that the first debate be on foreign policy and that has been taken away from him. This will make the Palin — Biden debate first and I believe this also is to McCain’s advantage. Hopefully he is just suspending his campaign and Gov Palin can continue to do her thing which is to draw and energize tens of thousands of people. It also will switch attention from his poor handling of the financial issue on the campaign and give him new direction on the issue. The Dems will scream foul while privately wishing they had made the move.

  7. Good topic for debate Cindy. I sarcastically can say that McCain hasn’t said anything substantive since the start of this campaign and that this doesn’t surprise me at all. On the other hand it’s a move to stall the erosion of his support base. The democrats will strongly put the GOP on the line for the economic crash and blame Bush and tie McCain to Bush and the whole mess. McCain avoids the link during debate if he avoids the debate. But that aside I want those of you who can truly be objective to go back to the conventions of this past summer – and be fair in your assessment and memory – Obama’s convention speech was substantive whether you agree with him or not. While McCain’s speech didn’t say anything. Even you Cindy commented, if I recall correctly, that GOP convention people were more reserved and less rowdy. Bottom line is that we’re in a world of serious shit and neither of these two boobs is the guy but we’re going to be stuck with one of them.

  8. Spoken like a true Republican, Wilson828 🙂

  9. Yeah, if I were John “The Deregulator” McCain, I wouldn’t want to have a debate about the economy with Obama. That’s just a recipe for a drop in the polls.

  10. Zach,

    The scheduled debate was on foreign policy. Not exactly a strong point for Obama (which he basically admitted by choosing Biden).

  11. Or maybe this is a glimpse of the real McCain, the one we used to know. Maybe he is trying to be a leader again. This is night and day away from his performance last week.

  12. Steve’s right.

    Obama kept referring to discussing the economy in his press conference earlier today. I thought it was funny! And a blatant admission that he’s in over his head on foreign policy.

  13. McCain and Obama will be asked to vote on it. At minimum they should know WTF is in it instead of the typical midnight review and vote in the morning.

    They vote on so much cr@p where they may understand the outline, but don’t understand the details. IMHO, THAT’s one of the big things “broken” in WA.

  14. From my little time legislating, I know how darn hard it is to get to the bottom of a voted change. I’m not one for unintended consequences, but finding out the details from anyone who had written the changes was very, very difficult.

    It’s not an easy job, no matter what side you sit.

  15. Obama’s press conference remark was purposeful to distract. He’s not innocent of spin either. And I’m sorry Kathryn I don’t see anything McCain does as leadership because all I see is ‘nothing’. We need Reagan back. We need FDR … we need a leader.

  16. Cindy,

    It’s not suposed to be “easy” is it? These numbnuts have all year to legilslate and get paid well for it. Yet most of the year is political posturing.

    I know I’d rather have my representative in there asking questions rather than relying on some lacky to create a brief.

  17. Repubabubba says:

    Do not worry, McCain only appears to have done nothing. This is all part of the larger plan, and I’m sure he will be announcing shortly the obvious: Sarah Palin will of course act as his second and debate that evil lazy Arabian man B.O., who went to one of those non-christian havens of the IVY before teaching his band of disciples the wizardry of legal mechanizations to abort babies.
    I’m sure that is what Cindy was hinting at earlier, that McCain knows his understudy is prepared for battle, and God has endorsed and anointed her to save our Hero like Joan of Arc, and slay all those she is directed to by the Lord. Thank God he will be able to be in Washington to direct the diversion of the national treasury into his trusted friend’s hands, while the nameless one is detained by Palin on Friday.

  18. Are you off your rocker? That is either the craziest plan ever or pure whacko-brilliant.
    Repubabubba, how do you do it?

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    How does he do what?

  20. Dang. If I remember correctly it doesn’t end so well for dear Joan.

  21. Can we ever give pure motives to one in an electoral race?

    Yes, it’s a ploy; that’s what politicians do. Yes, he’s trying to show leadership. Yes, it’s important.

    But I do know this. If there isn’t some kind of fix by the election, Obama wins easily. A bad economy almost always works against the party in power.

  22. Well…the economy certainly isn’t going to be “fixed” by November.

    And I agree that McCain took both the initiative and the game honors (ploy) on this round.