If you’re watching, you’ll see something interesting just happened on Capitol Hill

I’m watching Congressman Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) on CNBC right now. Since McCain’s announcement yesterday, Congress is suddenly a snap away from a deal on the financial crisis. He’s so optimistic he should have a couple of pom pons for effect.

Keep in mind that’s after several days of watching the markets slide from Congress’ indecision.

You won’t be surprised to hear that McCain isn’t needed now. Folks, that’s what I call power. McCain called Congress’ bluff, and now the Democrats are willing to deal.



  1. McCain’s a blister. He shows up after the hard work is done.

  2. The multi-tasking and uniting B.O. isn’t showing up because he can stay on the campaign trail and work on a financial crisis at the same time. Why unite with others in Washington? Is this situation so important to the nation?

  3. Yes, I think McCain knows how to work the old adage: “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” So the cat announces he’s coming back, and the mice get serious.

    I thought it was a huge discrepancy and major tatctical blunder that Obama, who postures himself as a great unifier, refused to join the bipartisan think tank and help work out an economic plan, prefering instead to slug out a debate. Same words, different effect. Is he working for the people or for self-promotion?

    McCain has shown us again that he walks what he talks!

  4. After being missing in action in the Capitol since April will McCain need to have a page show him how to get to chambers?

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    What action did he miss?

  6. Right grumps, your guy has been there so much! He probably barely knew his way to his seat in the first place.

  7. I can’t believe you posted this and said this. You are an intelligent woman… you say cool stuff and you do cool things and now you gnome off and say something so …. well, stupid. Do you really honestly believe that the threat of McCain going to Washington straightened everything out? You don’t credit even a little bit that they’ve been working on this since last week and over the weekend and through the early part of this week before yesterday when McCain decided to run away from a debate with the excuse of going back to Washington? I was in Washington DC Friday through Sunday and I can tell you, that while McCain was campaigning with his 15 minute wonder (Palin) there were people and I mean serious people, hard at work on this issue. Please just tell me you just said this to get a rise outta all of us!

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    McCain running away from a debate?


    Actually he went “to” a challange to do his job. Bet he won’t vote present. And the personal Palin jabs are really getting to be, ah boring. Nobody’s listening.

  9. McCain hasn’t been on the job as a senator since April 8th and missed more votes in Washington than Obama. Please – do your homework Randy.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    McCain and Obama are running for President and as in elections past they are not expected to be in Washington. According to everybody in the world this economic buyout is extremely urgent and important so McCain chose to be there. For everyday Senate business I don’t expect Obama or McCain to be in Washington.
    But since you are keeping score McCain has missed ‘four’ more votes than Obama since April first.

  11. Randy Randy Randy ….. you’ve obviously run out of fingers to help you keep count…. here slick … read this and get a clue http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/110/senate/vote-missers/

  12. Wilson828
    Perhaps you should check your sources before being so quick to accuse. If you look at the voting records on your link, since April 1, McCain and Obama have both missed 116 votes.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thank you Anon. You saved me the trouble but here are the links for anyone interested.



    Think you could make a post without the obligatory personal remark?

  14. Wilson828, thanks for the compliment.

    Yes, I do think that that McCain’s decision to head to DC changed the pace of things. The Dems were quick to declare an agreement had been reached – even when it appears one has not. They desperately do not want this to play well for McCain, so they’ll say anything to make it look like his work will be without consequence.

  15. Let’s focus on what I originally said. McCain hasn’t been in Wash DC since April 8th. Then I said, he missed more votes than Obama. And again, here’s the link: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/110/senate/vote-missers/