Guess what? I was wrong.

I wrote earlier this week that someone had contacted me about a post I had done in July on Obama’s photo in Germany. I questioned some things in the photo the AP sent out, and wondered what you thought.

Most of you didn’t say much. This week Rhonda Roland Shearer, director of Art Science Research Laboratory contacted me about the post. ASRL was co-founded by her late husband Stephen Jay Gould. She wondered if something was wrong, too, and had experts that could look at it. Would I send the photos that were no longer linked to my blog?

(That’s the first clue I had that the links had been corrupted from my WordPress upgrade last weekend.)

They did look using both my photos and others they could find on the internet. In conclusion, the photo looked fine. So there it is. Those of you keeping score can add it to the list, “Times Cindy was WRONG!” I’ve even added it to the categories list.

I don’t mind being wrong. I’m glad I asked the questions. I’m really grateful that someone out there asked, too. There’s nothing like an answer you can’t dispute.

When Ms. Shearer writes it up I’ll come back here and link to her story.


  1. So why was that guy holding up a laptop during the rally? I still dont get it. Crazy germans.

  2. The brief report I received said perhaps he was running skype – a popular telephony software. They found another picture on the net where it was very clear.

    He must have spectacular battery power and an internet air card, though.

    I still get a kick out of the enormous woman in the back.