Ok, talk about it

I was at a football game and missed the whole thing. I’m trying to catch up, but it could take a while.


  1. I’m dying waiting for you to talk about this and you’re at a football game? Gawd!

    Okay … so you have a life.

    Alright … for as much McCain bashing as I’ve done he actually did really well (for a change). He showed depth. He is a tough little pr*ck … and Obama is a nice guy. I enjoyed it. It restored my hope in the republican party a bit. I’m glad I watched it.

  2. Abee, abuh, uh, er, um uhhhhhhhhhhh

    Lot of that on Obama’s side.

    Obviousy I’m looking at it through my eyes, but I found McCain to be more engaging on the issues. He elaborated on what we already know and Obama had a hard time getting away from predetermined talking points.

    The man (Obama) just does not think well without somebody doing his thinking and handing him cliff notes.

  3. I don’t think either man did that well, but I didn’t expect much from McCain because everyone knows he’s not charismatic.

    I now know why Obama didn’t want to do those town halls.

  4. Wilson828 – this debate restored your hope in the Republican party and I missed it?


  5. Dean said : “I now know why Obama didn’t want to do those town halls.”

    ya think 😉

    And here I thought he just didn’t have the capoicity to multi-task.

  6. Obama was pretty thin on material without his prepared speech and teleprompter. The funniest part (IMHO) was when he started talking about America “competing” in the eduacation, science/technology arena. He brought up China’s new spacewalk. Huh??? We did that like 40 years ago brainchild.

    I certainly don’t think our education system is where it should be, could be, or even was…there’s plenty of examples…but spacewalk??? Come on Barry…you and I are almost the same age, but aparently you were living in Indonesia as an adolescent, when America was landing on the moon. McCain shoulda called him on it, but maybe it was just too easy and John felt sorry for him.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Maybe this is not directly on topic but close enough to be of great concern. As part of the kayaking of Gov Sarah Palin people across the net, including this site, have used numerous comparisons, allegations, and inuendo to Hitler and the Nazis as they accussed Palin of banning, removing, and even burning books while Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. None of these allegations have been proven to be true. But the outrage was real.

    Today there are at least two events that are not the result of allegation or inuendo, but are true and documented. One is in the St. Louis area where two prosecuters in different jurisdictions have threatened ” to bring criminal charges to anyone who levels false or misleading ads” in the presidential race. Bob McCulloch and Jennifer Joyce are the elected attorneys, each a Democrat supporting Obama, who made these public declarations. Also Obama attorney Robert Bauer has contacted local TV stations threating legal action if certain ads are aired.


    Secondly, closer to home for me, at a rally today at the University of Mary Washington the Obama campaign has issued a decree banning all signs at the rally which is on public property at a public institution. When asked to explain, the Obama campaign said it is for security reasons. The Secret Service says signs or banners are not banned unless they can be used as a weapon, i.e. a metal pipe or wooden stake with a shrpe point. John McCain’s campaign says signs are welcomed.


    These chilly actions by the Obama campaign forewarn how an Obama administration will operate. Where is the outrage? What about the First Amendment? When will we start seeing brown shirts?

  8. I thought it was rather funny that Obama called McCain the wrong name, twice.