“The insertion of presidential politics has not been helpful.”

That’s according to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). Just BEFORE that statement he proclaimed that only Senator Obama’s plan was the one that would fill the country’s needs.

Obviously, these guys don’t get it.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Is that the same Harry Reid that proclaimed, “The war in Iraq “is lost” and the US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country”, less than six months ago? And is he talking about the same Barack Obama who still claims that same surge is not working and has opposed it since it’s inception?
    Why should we believe either now?

  2. Fox News showed clips from years past where the Dems refused to support any regulation of the banking/finance industry and pushed for loosening requirements so that poor people could get mortgages. Now they are making comments implying that they wanted changes but the Republicans blocked them. Of course the mainstream media doesn’t inform the public that this disaster was caused by Democrats, and they think Democrats are better at handling the economy. God save us from ourselves…and the rotten Democrats. Barney Frank should rot in hell!

  3. Repubabubba says:

    I think it is, absolutely the same people. What is the likelyhood there are more than one Harry Reid in congress?
    Or are you insinuating that politics are so partisan, that people have somehow replicated themselves, like a Holy Trinity?

  4. Repubabubba says:

    The Holy Trinity idea would explain alot. Because one John S. McCain said he was suspending his campaign and departing for Washington on his airplane, but there was another one who hit the talk show circuit and wasn’t in Washington for at least another 24 hours.
    Then there was a John McCain who was not nearly as effective as I expected when a deal was so close before he arrived.
    They really need to check the quality of these replicas before sending them out.
    Excellent point, Randy.

  5. Repubabubba says:

    Yes, Yes Grant. If only the media would print an article, something with a catchy headline, like :
    “Those Rotten Dems are actually worse at handling the economy than even the Republicans”
    Then all those stupid voters would wake up from their pot infused comas and shout “Elect John McCain!”.
    I often wonder why they do not do that. Only Fox News has the courage to ask the tough questions, which Sarah Palin knows from her interview with Sean Hannity.
    Maybe the two party system doesn’t work after all. I get the feeling that many agree with me, and we may see it abolished soon, in favor of a more unified nation.

  6. The trinity theory might explain your three posts in a row!

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    You may be right. It was probably a McCain clone that didn’t vote for the final Gramm Leach Bliley Act and that explains a lot. And it had to be a Palin clone that Charlie Gibson interviewed because the real Palin would have began talking in tongues after some of his questions. I’ll be on the lookout for this phenomenon in the future.

  8. Repubabubba says:

    I will pray on this with my congregation. Perhaps it is part of the Final Days. Good catch, thank you.

  9. The babbling of Repubabubba and Randy makes me wish that Shawn would come back. While I rarely agreed with his liberal positions, at least his posts were intellible and weren’t full of the silliness of these two.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    How else would I, or anyone, talk to Bubba without babbling?