Visions of Waukesha

Yesterday was a very weird day, but I ended it nicely. I’m attending a photo workshop with a couple of seasoned professionals that will focus on photographing Waukesha County. We start with a walking tour of downtown Waukesha on Saturday.

In December, we’ll have work hanging for the winter Waukesha Art Crawl on December 6th. It’s pretty scary, because except for the few slideshows I’ve posted here, I don’t really show my stuff. I’m forcing myself past my comfort zone, and that’s usually a good thing.

So help me out. Let me know if there’s a favorite Waukesha County place or activity that I shouldn’t miss. Also, as I start to snap a few things, I’ll post them here and you can help me narrow it down to a dozen or so to present to the class at the end of October.


  1. You can’t beat Old World Wisconsin for some good shots. And, I would bet in a few weeks an awesome shot from the tower at Lapham Peak State Park of the fall colors would be in order.

  2. Does that mean I actually have to climb the tower? Egads.

    I’ll put them on the list.

  3. Getting to the tower is half the fun, getting up completes the chore!

  4. We used to take the kids occasionally. It is a decent workout.

    I’ll have to figure out how to get the state park sticker off the vehicle the oldest has in Madison.

  5. Do people. Do people in downtown Waukesha … not the visitors like you and me … the people that are the fabric of downtown Waukesha. The tattoo parlor, the bars, the ice cream shop, the dance studio, the deli Sprizzo’s … take your husband with you so you don’t get beat up because some of the best people to photograph aren’t the best in our society. Do a photo essay that tells a story. Actually this sounds like fun and if I wasn’t so busy I’d whine to go with you.

  6. The tattoo parlor is an excellent idea! It’s really the kind of thing I was looking for.

    I had an idea that I might call around and see if on of the churches was sponsoring a Quinceanera. I think that would be nice to shoot, too.