Life with Obama

So what changes will you make if you know Obama’s going to win? Rejuggle the portfolio? Move to a remote country? (Hey, those famous people threaten it all the time!) Like I said the other day, at least with the new money-for-everyone package Congress is expected to pass, Obama may lay off the spending right away.

In addition to a Democrat as President, it looks like the margins for Democrats will increase in both the House and the Senate. Life as we know it is about to change drastically with so much power concentrated in the Socialist direction. Yes, I know Clinton signed a balanced budget and had money left over because of economic growth, but his happy-houses-for-everyone program caught up with us last month, and it’s not a brilliant legacy. (Read more about the Community Reinvestment Act changes from the CATO Institute. There’s a particularly funny comic starring Janet Reno in that document.)

The last time we were entirely under the Democrats’ control was President Bill Clinton’s first term. He had a two year honeymoon before the country turned his world upside down and reversed control. It was just in time to keep Bill’s wife from implementing national health care.

Can we stall Obama for a couple of years if he gets in?


  1. I have friends at school who, on the verge of never speaking to me again due to my unwillingness to align myself whole-heatedly to their democratic candidate, inform me that their parents also expressed desire to relocate themselves offshore if the Democratic candidate failed to be elected. These to-remain-anonymous-to-protect-their-identity friends claim their parent’s position was equally strong during the 2004 election; leading to bouts of 3 month long depression and the like.

    And while an offshore move would be more than justified, as the act would socially mimic the current business and economic trends of offshore outsourcing of personnel resources, I can’t help but wonder if all these silly parent(s) of my generation aren’t being even just a little melodramatic.

    But while I tread in the sea of blood spouting from the bleeding hearts, which some may refer to as Madison, WI, there is a single point said bleeding hearts re-iterate time and time again. I offer it for discussion, perhaps so that I may find the proper response. Or perhaps because it’s not crossed anybody’s mind.

    My friends claim that Electing Obama sends a message to the world. They claim that from their travels abroad, the whole world is championing and rallying behind Obama. The world abroad sees the President of The United States not just as the leader of a powerhouse country, but as the leader of the world at large. And they desire the leader of the world to be this symbol, a synonymous symbol of the Obama demagogue, not as a man with political positions both domestic and foreign, but as a thing which may unite and somehow set right the world. His progressiveness offers this very possibility. Thus he is a symbol of such form.

    There are two issues presented above prone to debate: the first would be whether or not Obama has such a presence on foreign peoples. This I could not attack directly. Unfortunately my experience proves this to be correct. Foreign people just like Obama because “he is cool” and a “cool” presence abroad is a good presence abroad. But the second issue is more subtle, and the more curious point; how important is it that the United States present itself well to the rest of the world?

  2. Well Cindy I think we all know that “life with Obama” means things only continue to grow more difficult for those earning a meager $250k /year.

  3. I would not move offshore if Obama loses. I don’t want to be a victim of McCain’s foreign policy.

  4. Funny, folkbum, but that wasn’t the question.

  5. Carol Adams says:

    All those famous people are all talk. If Obama does get elected they will attend any and all galas and balls that he throws that they are invited too. They like Obama are all talk and no substance.
    I have been more of a liberal voter since I can remember, but I feel like this is a lose lose situation for all and I for one would suck it up and deal with it for 4 years… can’t be worse than the last 8 with Bush, but I’d rather spend the next 4 years under someone who puts their hand over their heart during the pledge and national anthem

  6. Canada looks pretty good to me.