Begging to see the City of Brookfield Budget

You see, it’s a bit of a mystery this year. No grand announcements about how tight things will be. No big statements about growth being so low that we’ll only qualify under state law for a 2% levy increase.

But, no budget, either.

As I write, I’m holed up in a study room at the library while they’re looking for the mystery document. I went to study it at City Hall, but Director of Finance Robert Scott told me to come find it here. (Yes, I was waiting to look and he sent me somewhere else!) Now that I’m here, there’s no budget to be found.

Our elected council members received a copy this weekend. I’ve requested a copy electronically as well.

Well what do you know! The library DID NOT have one as Robert Scott promised. City Hall delivered it as I was waiting.

It’s numbers time.