McCain uses Clinton’s statement on Fannie/Freddie in new ad


  1. Cindy –

    Sure seems to me that the National Media needs to focus on “who knew what” and “when they knew it.” I have done some research on this topic over the past couple of weeks and its amazing to me that Congress dropped this big of a ball. Congress was blinded by their agendas and let the rest of the Country down. Representative Frank, Senator Dodd and Senator Schumer should be embarrassed. Yet they sit in front of the cameras today and point fingers at the President. The fact that the National Media hasn’t done a better job exposing this incompetence is appalling.

  2. PJD – It is amazing, but I won’t expect the media to actually right this one. They’re too busy chasing the next big crisis.

    Maybe it’s time for an e-mail campaign with the details. I can’t say I admire the way McCain has played this one.