Channeling John McCain

This is funny stuff. Do take a second to watch it.


  1. Who was that knucklehead?

    I bet Biden’s cronies took him out behind the shed afterward and showed him what a straight- talk beat down looks like.

    BTW the McCain rally today was pretty crazy. Lots of kids surprisingly. Some young mom told my roommate and I we were “good American boys” for being there.

    I also have a picture of an 8 year old in a McCain/Palin shirt, wearing and Obama halloween mask, its pretty funny, Ill try to send it in tomorrow!

  2. I didn’t even check. I forgot to mention, though, that BrkfldDad popped a similar link into the comments of another post earlier. He gets the tip of the cap from my graying head…

  3. I feel bad for the guy on the one hand. He finally gets a moment, just one moment, in front of the bigs cameras and he fluffs his line worse than GWB doing Jello shots.

    OTOH, he gets his name and a quick interview on all the morning shows, he gets to tell the nation that he’s a repentant Republican who can’t stomach McCain and he gets airtime for a Biden stop that, otherwise, wouldn’t have gotten four seconds of play on the networks.

    Call it a red-faced wash.

  4. It’s not like we even know his name.

    We’ve all had moments like this. Thank goodness I’ve managed to keep mine off YouTube for now!

  5. I’m proud to introduce the next Mayor of Brookfield…CINDY SPEAKER!

    Now THAT would definitely have an off-stage chat by the Kilkenny camp.

  6. Oh, GAG! Greg, that’s disgusting.