David Mastio, you win.

I figure, hell, if I can break the top 20 on the first few days you’ve been scraping my feed even though I have your bot blocked, I might as well give in.

Make room, all you BNN junkies. Sorry to the blogger that gets the boot because I’m back.

I sure don’t like it that David Mastio thinks it’s his right to make a living off my work, but with the traffic I’m getting, I’ve got other things to do. I guess David Mastio prefers to Spread the Wealth like that guy running for president.

**Caveat** If your stupid site starts showing up in the search engines with my name again higher than my site, I’ll go back to the other method and pursue all options. Search result placements are starting to be recognized as viable assets, you know. And guess where one can go to fight about assets, Mr. Mastio.


  1. Dont know what this is about but I found you through my favorite Ol Broad…I’ll be checking in from time to time, don’t worry I’m mostly harmless.. LOL

  2. Why does he even care about this shitty blog?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Are you Michelle Obama, is that what the m o stands for?