A Halloween wrap up

We had about a fourth of the usual crowd last night, which means there are enormous quantities of really good candy left. This is not necessarily a good thing.

The youngest relayed the details of some of last night’s costumes before dinner. The girls seemed to maintain usual girl stuff. (Evidence: she was a gypsy – granted with much better accessories than her 8-year-old version.) The guys were memorable. A couple of family favorites? One young man dressed in brown with a halo and wings. He was – yep – Holy Sh*t. Another taped a t-shirt to say “Go Ceilings!” He was a ceiling fan.

The young men of Brookfield have a certain creativity, that’s for sure.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I had the usual but like you less of them. My favorite was a little Sarah Palin with the glasses and beehive, American flag pin, and carrying a toy dog with, you guessed it, lipstick on it’s mouth. I suspect this was more a reflection on mom than daughter.

  2. My fiance and I went out as ketchup and mustard. The crowds loved it.

  3. In Need of Triage says:

    funny, i went out as a big ol’ bowl of KRAUT

  4. INoT, that would explain the stench that follows you.

  5. Steve Atkinson says:


    As you, I am also conservative, but rabidly so when it comes to anyone atacking the US Constitution, or America herself The town/city of Brookfield, possesses a dstinct Rockwellian flavor of long ago America. Charmingly American, I add.

    We met in a casual way on a blogger conference call this week, along with Jane Van Ryan of API.
    The participants were interesting, and informative, and I enjoyed all participant comments immensely.

    Well, here’s to Conservatism, and the defeat of the man who would lead us (to where, God only knows).

    A Red guy in Blue, Blue New Jersey,
    Steve Atkinson

  6. Steve – thanks for saying hey! –Cindy

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Love Route 40 in your state as I visit Trump Marina several times a year. Happy WaWa.