A Brookfield polling update

Count me number 184 at 8:45 a.m. in ward 6. There was no one in front of me to vote. The same in ward 5, but there 5 in line at ward 4. The 2nd district traditionally has very high turnout. About a dozen voters were at the poll.

I thought for certain this time of day would be busy as parents drop their children off for school. The school’s enterprising mothers had a heck of a bake sale in the hallway.

A quick drive to check on other polling locations in Brookfield showed similar activity. About 10 people were walking in and out of the safety building for district #5. Brookfield Elementary, where the 4th votes, had 4 people walking in the parking lot.


  1. A long line and a full gym at Dixon at 7am this morning. Some people were registering for voting. They were not young adults.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    In Virginia, we do not have early voting. When I arrived at my polling place, a recreation center, I could not find a parking place. When I finally got in and voted I was surprised. I didn’t expect to see minorities but I thought I would see lots of younger voters. Not so. Most were 40ish and up. Lots of um.I know my precinct will go predominantly McCain but havn’t seen as many voters since maybe Reagan/Carter in 1980.
    What this means I have no idea. It will be interesting to see if the Wilder effect is still in play. In 1989 it was 10.4 %.

  3. Obamanation – illegalities in Milwaukee, impropriety in Wauwatosa.

  4. Geez lady, do you have a job? You are such a busy body.

  5. I stopped at ward 6 around 5:00. There was still no line, but a steady stream of voters walking in. The woman at the door said it had been steady all afternoon, but not the volume she had anticipated.

  6. Again, geez lady, do you have a job?

  7. It’s a school, Dave. I have kids.

    You’re reading this stuff, but you have no interest?

  8. Tinkerbell says:

    Dave, do you have a job?

    Sometimes people ask of others the very questions they may wish to hear themselves. For example, if someone asks if you’ve done something new with your hair, lost weight, or gotten glasses… you can be pretty sure these topics may be good conversation starters for them!

    So, Dave, do you have a job? Would you like to tell us about it? What do you like best about your job? What do you like least?

  9. I have a job too, and so does my wife, and 3 little kids.

    Not to be offensive, but driving by polling places and reporting just sounds like a busy body.

  10. My goodness. It must have really bothered you to be back on the subject three days later.

    Do you know Brookfield? The loop I made makes a lot of sense when you consider the locations.

    I think I’ve decided my “job” is to keep you annoyed. Looks like I’ve earned a raise.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    What jobs do your three little kids have?

  12. Tinkerbell says:

    Dear Dave,
    If Cindy is a busybody to report on line length at polling places to her local community on a day the mainstream media said would be a record turnout (but was not)…

    then what is Rahmbo, to have held a job as a consultant digging up skeltons in Republican closets? Is that not the ultimate busybody? (If you wonder where I get my info from, please read the articles which this blog provided links to yesterday.)

    Let us look at the intent of each of these alleged “busybody” activities:
    Cindy seeks to inform her local community… she essentially broke the news that the polls were not so busy. Her intent is to empower others.
    Rahmbo seeks to be an effective fundraiser… possibly by means of holding embarrassing stories over heads. His intent is to increase his own power.

    To those of you who still believe in morals, ethics, and values, we might agree that Cindy’s efforts in this were “good”, and Rhambo’s were “bad”.

    How can we decrease the power of the poser when he comes to threaten us, to silence us? I believe that occurs when we admit that as humans we have all made mistakes, and do not recoil in horror when isolated sins or mistakes of our fellow man are shown. However this is different than a habitual pattern such as years of Clinton’s extralmarital sexual prowess, sexual harassment to employees, bordering on being a sexual predator. Despite the shadows of doubt surrounding him regarding the death of associates… he is still regarded as “successful” with crowds pandering to see him, buy his books and make him rich in doing so.

    The Dems move ahead as a united front largely beacuse of an amoral stance, undaunted by the sins of their fellows.

    The conservatives are easily taken apart by a divide-and-conquer tactic, for example one might easily criticize another for their somewhat more lenient stand on a subject, and the ranks become divided. An isolated gaff or mistep may be used to mark and exclude an individual who could have other wise contributed much to the common cause. As conservatives, we need to do a better job of standing together, not breaking ranks, but finding common ground. In regard to ourselves, we need not wear a mask of perfection, but simply learn from our mistakes and have a firm purpose of amendment. Toward others we need not be amoral, but forgiving.

    The Dems may be seeking to disband groups of thinkers exercising their 1st amendment rights. How effective of them to get the conservatives to do the dirty work for them… expunging the thinkers from their midst! The Dems walk away smugly successful and the conservatives have lost effective leadership from among their ranks. There was (and is) much in McCain to rally behind and support. There was (and is) much in Sarah Palin to rally behind and support. They were great role models in rolling with the punches and moving right along. There are other rising conservative stars and we will choose whether to compensate for any “weakness” in them or to join the liberal Dems and mainstream media in attacking them, undermining ourselves in the process.

  13. No offense Tink, but you totally lost me babe. WTF you talking about?

    My rip, yes rude, was just to say who the heck has time to do all this crap?

    Answer: a stay at home Elmbrook mommy!

    I’m not a lefty nor a righty, but if you say Clinton was immoral for his affairs, which he was, isnt lying about WMD and starting a war that has killed thousands worse?

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    Who lied about WMD’s?

  15. Randy,

    The entire Republican party.

    Did they find any? Why is C. Powell now regret his past statements?

    Where are these WMD’s Randy?

  16. Ahh, Selective memory must feel soo good. Dave, please go back and review the many speeches and votes.

  17. Tinkerbell says:

    I have seen footage of Clinton discussing WMD. I have read he apprised Bush on the matter. Bush did not “invent” that concept. He trusted the briefings of his predecessor.

    The options I see are:
    – Clinton was wrong?
    – Clinton intentionly misled Bush?
    – Clinton was right, therefore Bush is right, and the WMDs are well hidden?
    – WMDs are located but cannot be approached at this time (tactical sensitivity)?

  18. There have been many reports of explanations of what may have happened. Many were referenced here but were discounted because it was not main stream enough for everyone to believe.

    I have gotten to a point that I am not sure what it would take to convince anyone to abandon their preconceived thoughts.

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    You left out a few who made public statements that Iraq had WMD, like:
    Bill Clinton
    Madeline Albright
    Sandy Berger
    Nancy Pelosi
    Bob Graham
    John Kerry
    Jay Rockefeller
    Robert Byrd
    Henry Waxman
    Carl Levin
    Hillary Clinton
    Ted Kennedy
    Al Gore
    etc. etc.
    Based on the intel that was provided, not just by the US, but also the British, the French, the Israelis, Sadaam himself, and others it was widely believed by all Iraq had WMD’s. Plus there is video showing Sadaam had used WMD’s against the Kurds. Using your logic President Roosevelt lied about Pearl Harbor because our intel at the time was wrong. All the people above, many others, and President Bush truly believed there were WMD in Iraq and Sadaam would use them. Because they were not found does not make them liers.
    I suspect Colin Powell, like many others, doesn’t like being given information and intelligence that is wrong.
    And you’re right, you are rude.

  20. Ah, so the war was Clinton’s fault, now I understand.

    Bush couldnt think for himself, and only relied on Clinton’s inteligence several years into office.

    I understand, they will probabl find WMDs soon.

    Thank you for clarifying.

  21. Dave, you haven’t built a reputation on critical thinking, have you?

  22. Tinkerbell says:

    Ah, yes, for ctitical thinking one needs the self discipline to hold multiple ideas from multiple sources, make connections, and sift.

    I see the big D has cluttered his mind with strong epithets. Sorry, big D, that is not the kind of strength this world needs more of.

    BTW, I was flattered when you called me a stay at home Elmbrook mommy. And a babe. Hmmm, one might previously have thought the two were mutually exclusive? 😉 Your attempt to dis me has been noted.

    Did I have a blonde moment when I lost ya big D? Was it my mention of older facilities as a part of legacy cost? I understood the Janesville Plant opened in 1919 and was GM’s oldest.

    big D, I’m sure we are all glad to have you here, learning a bit with each new day. But you can feel free to ask questions straight out and we will answer. No need to dis anyone to get attention.

    Have a better day!

  23. Randy in Richmond says:

    I never said the war was Clinton’s or anybody elses’ fault. And we stopped looking for WMD in 2005. In October, 2003 Clinton stated the following:

    “Former US president Bill Clinton said in October during a visit to Portugal that he was convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction up until the fall of Saddam Hussein, Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso said.”

    “When Clinton was here recently he told me he was absolutely convinced, given his years in the White House and the access to privileged information which he had, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction until the end of the Saddam regime,” he said in an interview with Portuguese cable news channel SIC Noticias.

    Clinton, a Democrat who left office in 2001, met with Durao Barroso on October 21 when he travelled to Lisbon to give a speech on globalisation. I don’t believe Clinton was lying nor do I believe those listed above were lying–their statements and actions were based on the intel at the time. If you chose to believe almost the entire Congress, the British, French, Isreali, and dozens of other governments were lying–that’s your prerogative.

  24. Tinkerbell says:

    And Dave, my switch to the topic from another post was humor… since I lost ya before, I thought I might try it on purpose!

  25. Hey Randy,

    Yes those dems are going to make statements about WMDs if the Rep govt gets up there, like they did, with diagrams and all that and makes a big case for the war.

    Man, I’m a moderate, voted R and D the last few elections. But some of you guys just avoid the truth or basic reason.

    So Randy, are these dems bad that you list? If so, why?