Happy election day. This is your open thread.

You can say pretty much anything you want here, as long as you keep to our family friendly PG rating.

I can’t promise to post, but then I may post every 10 minutes…in other words, I’m a little uncertain about today.

One thing’s for sure; it’s time for coffee. (And I have to clean the rabbit’s cage today.)


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Good luck and prayers for all of us as history makes a significant turn today – no matter which party wins – the winning party will make history.

    I thought the following link was interesting …. a reflection on elections in past years … it’ll be interesting to see how it goes this year … http://www.jsonline.com/news/president/33703659.html

    Enjoy the day … it’ll be a beautiful day with warm temperatures and lots of news stories.

  2. Got my vote in by 7:25 today. Surprised to see how crowded it was that early. Line almost out the door at 6:45.

    There was a lady in line who was talking about filling out an absentee ballot for her handicapped brother – she voted Obama before contacting her brother. Signed and sealed the envelope then called to ask her brother who he WOULD have voted for – who do you think he said? McCain. She was practically bragging about her fraudulent behavior.

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    Dan H, I guess voter fraud is the “in” thing. How low have they stooped? Americans are bragging about their dishonesty. I guess their integrity matches that of their candidate. I’ll be casting my ONE vote today for a lost America.

  4. Lucky Lady –

    You hit the nail on the head. Our problems, in large, reflect the character of many American people and our leaders. No amount of government regulation will matter when people lose their integrity and reverse the meaning of right and wrong.

  5. And I didn’t take a sticker…

  6. Actually you might not need a sticker because if they refuse you for that they might be violating some election law.

    Dixville Notch, NH went for Obama, the first time they voted Democratic since ’68.

    I know a couple of folks who voted this morning and reported short waits (Frame Park and Prairie School). If you needed to register, however, there was a line.

    Most of my friends are completely unaware of Wisconsin election laws concerning proving their residence and who can vote. Even that you are allowed time off to vote.

  7. Dan, that story is appalling–abuse of the ballot, abuse of the disabled, abuse of familial trust. I think I would have blown a gasket.

  8. In the previous 10 elections the voters in Dixville Notch voted for the national winner 6 times. In those elections. the 3 times that a Democrat won the national election, they were wrong. The last time the democrats had a majority there, the Republicans won the Presidency.
    This information does not mean anything but I am sure we will see similar fluff in the days to come.
    What will be interesting is to see the election results by county. In elections for the last 20 years there is a definite difference across the country between urban counties and rural counties. Will there be a change? If there is, what will it mean?

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    My last chance.
    This morning Barack and Michelle Obama voted in his Chicago precinct. It was exciting for all to watch. He said it was good to be back in Illinois and cast a vote. One thing for sure, there is no doubt how he voted. Exit pollers asked and he proudly announced he had voted–present.

  10. JSOnline has a Google map of reports on wait times at various polling places. You can send in your wait times.


  11. Now Dean, why in the world would I want to make the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s life any easier?

  12. They also have a forum dedicated to recording voting experiences.


    The first one talks about lines around the block at the MLK library at 6 in the morning.

  13. Maybe not you, …

    I just like to look at maps.

    I voted a couple of weeks ago, so I didn’t put anything down.

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    This means nothing either, but it’s fun to consider.
    If Dixville Notch is a predictor, total voting across the country will be down 19% from 2004 and down 22% from 2001. I personally think Dixville will be wrong on this statistic.

  15. Black Panthers “guarding” the doors at Pennsylvania polling sites. One Panther was wielding a night stick and wearing combat uniforms. Unreal.

  16. Huffington Post has a collection of widgets for election night.

  17. It has been quite a campaign and most of us will be glad it is over. Cindy knows pretty well how I feel about the election. One thing for sure – the sun will go down tonight and come up tomorrow and whoever becomes president – we should respect him and hope that everyone works with him to help our country.

  18. J. Strupp says:

    “One thing for sure – the sun will go down tonight and come up tomorrow and whoever becomes president – we should respect him and hope that everyone works with him to help our country”

    Well said.

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a feely good thing to say after almost eight years of unmitigated, ruthless, unrelenting, seething, hate from every liberal bastion toward the President of the United States. Excuse me if I don’t join in your celebration.
    I will join in celebrating how the balance of power changes hands peacefully if in fact that takes place. I will join in showing respect for the Presidency and all that entails. Respect is earned, not won in a vote by any candidate.

  20. Thanks, Mom. You’re going to work me right out of a hobby, you know.

    I’ve been saving that very sentiment for the day after the election. Now I may have to tell stories about you. 🙂

  21. Oh, dear, I am going to get in trouble. Randy, I figure at my age I may as well be feely good. I just feel good that I can make a choice even though I may be standing in line with my best friend and we cancel each others votes. I feel good that we live in a country where we can express how we feel and not be afraid. I feel good that I can actually see points from both sides. I feel good that I actually got a Christmas Card from President Bush in 2002 and I am very proud of it. I feel good because even though I am a Democrat my life won’t fall apart if McCain wins . So—I am feely goody.

  22. Randy – in Mom’s defense she always feels this way.

    J. Strupp, on the the other hand, has not always exhibited such behavior.

  23. Randy in Richmond says:

    Good for you. I feel great. There is joy in my life.
    You misunderstood my sentiments. They were not about me personally because I chose to live a joyful and hopefully productive life. But I won’t join your feely goody party if your candidate wins. And your desire for me to work with and respect him won’t happen based on where he says he wants to take this country and based on the road and associations he has chosen in the past.
    But I don’t and won’t hate him. I have seen what that does to people in the last few years and it’s not worth the effort and energy. Me personally, I’m going to put on my ‘I Voted’ sticker and go bowl in our league tonight, where afterwards about 12 of us will go to Hooters* for wings. The election will take care of itself.
    * See previous posts, this Site.

  24. A few months ago, my sister who is a student at Elmhurst College (outside of Chicago) registered to vote through some sort of on-campus registration effort. She filled out the required information including a box that asked her party affiliation. She checked Republican. To her surprise, she went to her designated polling location and her registration was never submitted by the campus group. Illinois Law doesn’t allow on the spot registration. Lesson learned – register YOURSELF at the clerk’s office. The whole event sounded a little fishy to me!

  25. She should have absentee voted in Wisconsin anyway! 🙂

  26. J. Strupp says:

    What behavior is that Cindy? Disagreeing with almost every policy of President Bush? I think you will find that I have never used the word “hate” to describe my feelings towards the President and I will always consider him as much my President as the next guy. The next President, whomever it is, deserves to have the benefit of the doubt from both sides until proven otherwise in my opinion.

  27. Randy, I am so happy to hear that you can relax. I will tell you that I have questions about both candidates and I just hope whoever wins can do the best thing for our country. I am no good at bowling but now Hooter’s Cobb Salad sounds real good. Don’t tell Cindy I know about that.

  28. Shit.

  29. I think you’ll find that this world is going to be a much better place for all of us, if you can get past your fear of the unknown. Misery that you know isn’t better than the happiness you do not.

    Give the man a chance, we gave you eight years.

  30. “We gave you…”

    You are right, this is going to be such a better place. WAY less division between red and blue.

  31. Dan,

    What are you so fearful of? Your copatriots will scrutinize every action of this new administration. Hold him to your highest standards, your greatest fears. But don’t forget the man that gave you your original stance: Jesus, and his impervious piety.

    “When you have done this to the least of of these, you have also done it unto me.”

    Your selfishness, your fear, your thoughts that this world will fail have nothing to do with the new, black, landslide president of this wonderful, patriotic country.

    Deal with your fears of the unknown, and when you do, you will clearly see that this country has chosen the best man for the politics game.

    Your business will flourish. Your life will flourish. The question is, and remains, that in the next four years, at the time of a new election and a new GOP candidate, if you will choose to see this land, that we “all” love flourish even more?

    Peace, be still.

  32. Bill, you had started a compelling argument. You lost the point, however, when you entered the word “black.” I can give you the most ardent assurance that “black” is not at all a concern.

  33. Randy in Richmond says:

    How did you’ give us eight years’? And can I give you the next four years the same way?
    And this analagy between Christianity and socialism has zero merit and is not scriptural. The key word is “you”. ” Whatever you did” is the exact quote, not what the ‘government’ took from you and did as it pleases. I do agree with you on one point–you definately chose the best man for the politics game.

  34. Bill-

    I think that Jesus asked us to share but I’m pretty sure the sharing was meant to be voluntary. In fact one of God’s Ten Commandments is not to steal which is confiscating other’s things involuntarily.


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