Well, it looks pretty much like it’s over

Believe it or not, an enormous amount of traffic to this site is asking the question, “what happens if neither candidate gets to 270?” We all know that means Obama wins given the current Congressional makeup.

But it looks like Obama will be winning anyway.

Am I desperate? No. I’ve been on the back end of so many elections in the last few years that believe it or not, you get used to it after a while. I’m secure in my family’s position to succeed given almost any arrangement. That’s just who we are. Besides, I have a son that can sell snow to the Arctic Circle. He’ll keep us fed if it comes to that.

Upside? For at least the next two years every sour smell that comes from WDC gets to be blamed on the Democrats. Downside? Haven’t seen one yet. The news is very new, though, so I think time will have to tell on that one.

There are a lot of things I really don’t like about Obama’s promises. Maybe he won’t bother to deliver. I live in hope that he sold promises to a group of people that he knew would make him president, but all along knew he was simply lying to get elected.

We’ve certainly seen it before.

What’s next? I think we’ll see another economic stimulus package passed. Fine with me. I bought into retail and switched a few sectors at the recent dip. If they actually spend it, I’ll benefit. Also, taxes will be going up. The big mystery is who and how much. Anyone talk about the Bush cuts expiring? Nah. Anyone talk about a bigger grab on FICA? Nah. Someone in the MSM mention Obama’s talk on raising energy prices – considered by many to be even harder than a tax increase to middle America – in the way that will deter growth? Nope.

All we know right now is one hell of a smooth talker will land in the White House come January.

I can say I’m very proud of John McCain. He’s managed a respectful and purposeful campaign. That it’s not a majority only means this great country loses.

When Fox calls it for Obama, you can pretty much consider it over.