Ah, the tolerant left; Cindy goes topless (yet again); back to the salt mine

I’ve received two e-mails back to back. One says, “Hahahaha.” The other? “You lost.”

Warms your heart, doesn’t it?

Just home from another round of squish and fondle. The radiologist came out and declared he had no idea why I’d been called back – he didn’t see a thing to be worried about.

No joke; sometimes I wonder if having good insurance means you get extra stuff you might not have needed.

I’m still trying to figure out what I think about last night’s news. I’m leaning towards NOT thinking about it for a day or two. Still, we have a few topics to discuss, so I’ll find the list and get back to work.

By the way, traffic has been amazing the last couple of days. The site has been averaging about 2,000 page loads a day, but yesterday nearly doubled that. There’s lots of oversees traffic, and that’s unusual.


  1. Glad to hear the squish and fondle went well!

  2. My standard response to the few people who said such things to me today is…”Come talk to me in two years – if we’re still here — and tell me how you feel then.”

    I hear that in his victory speech last night, he already started backpeddling on his “promises”. I think that’s the earliest backpeddling I’ve ever seen…

  3. J. Strupp says:

    Yeah Karen, and maybe Presdent Obama will continue backpeddling when he decides to postpone the tax increases on the wealthy until the economy improves.

    He’s gonna run to the center folks. Talk to me in 6 months. We shall see……

  4. J. Strupp says:

    BTW Cindy, you know that there’s always a couple of a-holes in every crowd.

    I would suggest you flip them the bird Obama style.

  5. Well I just might have to practice that, Josh. (Geez you’re funny sometimes!)

  6. WOW! So you admit to paying for someone to “squish and fondle”? Were you in one of those Brookfield hotels you always complain about?

  7. Good grief, how in the world would one describe you?

    For the record I talk about it because mammograms are an important (but horribly inconvenient!) part of a woman’s health maintenance. Since I’ve been told repeatedly that I influence at least two people, I’m hoping that influence can be used to remind women, and the men who love those women, to do the right thing and get in for those fabulous photos when necessary.

    Obviously, you are too immature to really get it at all.

  8. Lucky Lady says:

    I got one of those “birds” flipped at me yesterday because I have a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on my car. So those are the Americans that Obama is going to “unite” with us? Not likely.

  9. Lucky Lady, I have the most heartwarming picture of you flipping the bird in reply.

  10. John Foust says:

    You forgot to put “women’s health” in scare air quotes.