Favicon help, please?

Now that we’re doing other things again, will someone please help me load a favicon properly? I’ve played with it off and on over the last few weeks, but still can’t seem to make the magic happen.

Pretty please?


  1. Just find the image you want to use, resize it to 16×16, then save the image as a .ico

    You must place this in your root directory (where you have fairlyconservative.com’s index page)

    Most browsers will pick this up automatically, but it is also a good idea to help matters by adding this in the head section of your index page.

    I hope that showed up, if not, just replace the brackets with the normal carrots

    [link rel=”icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon”]

  2. I see the HTML code didn’t show up, just add the arrows where I used square brackets above.

  3. Thanks. I previously made a (cheesy) icon and put it where you said. I’ll add the script.

    (Fingers crossed.)

  4. By the way, if you need an imaging tool that saves in .ico, Irfanview is IMO the best, and it’s free.

  5. Nada. I’ve tried putting the script in the index.php file and the header.php (where the index looks for the header and other link script is written) but, alas, no icon.

  6. Humm, I don’t see it in Firefox, but when I checked using IE, Safari and Google Chrome, I do see the icon. Looks like the browser is probably caching the page and not showing the ico image.

  7. Well I’ll be. That’s what makes you the master.

  8. Patrick, thanks so much for your help here. In typical amateur geek fashion, I did a couple of things at once – cleared my private data on the browser and substituted a piece of code specifically identified to wordpress/cutline (the template I use) – so I don’t know for sure what did it, but I know see my favicon.

    It’s a happy day. Now I have to find one I actually like…

  9. WooHoo. I got an iPhone for my birthday. Already got FC set on my homescreen!

  10. There’s an FC icon there now. Looks good to me. I’m glad to see some tips on how to do this, I’ve been wanting to do it myself!