This is John Galt speaking…

Listen to this. Here’s the text.


  1. Who is John Galt? 😉

  2. Atlas Shrugged worth reading?

  3. Atlas Shrugged is a MUST read.

  4. ‘Worth reading’ doesn’t quite cover it, Dan. With last night’s election results, we’re closer than ever to its direct relevance. We’ve seen the looters and the moochers in action. We’ve seen the entitlement culture they’ve cultivated, the class of second-handers they’ve weaned onto a diet of government handouts. Atlas Shrugged helps to concretize what the mighty United States might look like if such people came to dominate our government and our businesses.

  5. Agree with Libby. It’s a bit ponderous at points, but overall it is staggering in its impact.

  6. John Foust says:

    Who is Lance Burri? See my link.

  7. @Fortitude, By looters and moochers you mean VP Cheney’s Energy Task Force, the military contractors who’ve bled the Iraqi Occupation pale and the mining companies that have gutted safety under the current administration, right?

  8. Tinkerbell says:

    posted earlier on “Look! New Trend?”

    … a friend provided me with links to see Sparks Notes and Cliffs Notes online versions so I could see if I could get my head around this expeditiously.

  9. You just can’t let it go, can you? Grumps, go out and change the world. You have the power.