What he said!

Another clear thinker in the universe, Harvey at Bad Example nails it:

I hereby declare that the Black President card trumps any race card from now until the thermodynamic heat death of the universe.

Anyone attempting to prod my sense of White Guilt can kiss my exonerated ass.

I’m a free man now.

H/T: Owen


  1. Um, yeah. No racism. No hatred. That’s why he had to give his victory speech behind bullet proof glass walls, at the demands of the secret service. No loonies out there to worry about, is there?

  2. You twisted it, as usual. Dang, you are predictable.

  3. Tinkerbell says:

    Would a Great Uniter need bullet-proof glass? Or would a person who out-spent his opponent to “buy” the presidency be in need of such a shield? Perhaps our political system in this century is based less on the model of a democratic republic and more on the model of e-bay: Congratulations, you’ve just won a new president. You are now obligated to pay.

    Obama’s acceptance speech included statements that he cannot make change happen right away… maybe not within 4 years. (But remember, this is Change We Need!) When he addressed those whose support he had not yet earned, stating a need for their help and declaring that he will be their president too…. read the body language! It was not the open-armed and welcoming posture of a listener and uniter, but rather terse, tight-lipped, an ominous. He seemed to be, by virtue of his future title as President, demanding loyalty, concensus, and lack of independent thinking. Bear in mind we did not see him exhibit respect nor restraint toward Mr. Bush, by virtue of Mr. Bush’s title of President… President for 2 terms.

    Perhaps this is the Change We Need? Absolute delegation of our thinking to the political powers that be?

    I have no doubt that the increase in hits on this blog, which spiked from 2k per day to 4k on election day may have been ordained by Obama as he takes a pulse of the thinking minds in this country, exercising their 1st amendment rights to express their independent thoughts.

    I have no doubt that Obama was sincere when he stated a need for help of those who voted for other leadership for our country. Recall the story of the ant and the grasshopper! I believe the grashoppers of every hue elected Obama, and the ants of every hue are expected to foot the bill.

    Even while the Dems chant for unity, their orators and the liberal media make derogatory comments toward Republicans, dividing our country more deeply. The same camps make racial pronouncements, creating a 2nd division. It is past time for them to find a positive common ground and focus on that, for that is how unity is created.

    A bright spot, and point of agreement with Harvey, is that those who see us in terms of national origin of our ancestors, black, white, etc, may soon begin to see more clearly the content of character: Ants and Grasshoppers. Race has nothing to do with it.

    Paul Ryan shared great words of wisdom in his acceptance speech, encouraging that we PROPOSE not OPPOSE. I believe in this we can find unity, dignity, and a sifting of the ants and grasshoppers.

  4. John Foust says:

    Already the Secret Service has shut down the blogs of the celebrated Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger, now to be forever known as the Peter the Melon Hunter.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    I like the way you think and chime in. Keep it up.

  6. Tinkerbell says:

    Thank you Randy. Keep up the Good Work yourself! There are other blogs for me to visit so TTFN! See you in cyberspace.