Hope and Change

Surely you all remember this rainy day favorite. How many words can you make from Hope and Change? I’ll get started:

GOP (Ok, that’s not really a word, but it’s my blog, so I get to cheat.)

Your turn. I’m sure some of you will be much more clever…


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    cage, page, peg, pen, hen, den, dang, ace, pace, go, no, ho, hop, deep, gap, gape, ape, cape, $$$, $$$$, …

    Hey, where did I read a comment about a former athlete not wanting to join the other team after defeat (analogy to unity after this election)? I wanted to respond but lost my place & can no longer find that sentiment!

  2. Number 14 on this link.

  3. Tinkerbell says:

    Found the comment as #14 under “The Bush Eulogies”. Responded. Am Happy.

    Now I will play again: nag, hag, henna, canna, canned, penned, $$$$$…

  4. can, cane, cap, cape, cop, cope, con, chop, cheap, cheep, chap, hang, heap, hep, hoe, hop, hag, hah, a, an, age, ape, ah, ace, nag, nog, nope, no, nap, nape, go, gone, gap, gape, each, on, open, pea, peg, page, pane, pace, peace, pang, peach, peen, pone, pecan, peep, pep

  5. Tinkerbell says:

    …one, hon, done!

    …a, an, pagan, peon, eon, dance, dan, hand, canned, nada, hone, phone, phoned, opened, pod, gee, oh, Po

  6. Tinkerbell says:


  7. Tinkerbell says:


  8. Tinkerbell says:


  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    I can only come up with one: headache

  10. There is no ‘d’. Thereis only one ‘n’.

  11. Tinkerbell says:

    That was pure genius! You win. 🙂

    the “d” is the last letter in the middle word, “and”

    the “n” is the penultimate letter in the middle word, “and”

    maybe you’ll want to have another go at it yourself?

  12. FOR HIM: Dang, He No Peach.
    FOR HER: Cheap Hag, Eh? (Nod.)


  13. Jeez! I didn’t see that. I wrote ‘hope’ & ‘change’ on a scrap of paper and worked from that.

  14. Tinkerbell says:

    lenf, still a great effort!
    Dontcha love the clever phrases J-Gravelle came up with, too?

  15. You will notice I didn’t make a stellar effort. I did find a couple of interesting Web sites where you can enter the word or phrase and it will do it for you.


  16. Tinkerbell says:

    you picked a fun game and inspired us! Now you’ve inspired us again… to go googling for anagram answer websites!