Obama’s new left-hand man

Rahm Emanuel should be a delightful character to follow. From a 2007 Salon.com article:

“The Jewish LBJ,” political scientist Larry Sabato calls him, not only for his ambition but also for his reputation as an amoral political animal focused only on power.

Read the article. Be warned – there’s harsh language in this one. Most of it looks to be from Mr. Emanuel.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Obama has also appointed Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan to help with economic advice during the transition phase. This is akin to appointing Paris Hilton to help with advice on foreign policy.

  2. Granholm? Oh boy. This one’s got me completely stumped. This lady is just about as worthless as they come, especially on economics. Her record speaks for itself. Terrible.

  3. There was a discussion of this very subject this morning on Chicago radio. What is RE’s purpose? Is it a buffer between BO and Pelosi and Reed? To reach across the aisle? Then a Chicago media person called in and said none of the above. He indicated that RE is the conduit between BO and the Chicago machine with whatever that may entail such as being sure Chicago gets their share of projects and money. After all the machine is responsible for much of BO’s success. He joked BO is going to rule from the center, meaning the center of the country being Chicago.

  4. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some of that love will trickle up to SE Wisconsin.

  5. I think it was Karl Rove that was on Fox News at the moment Emanuel was announced as Chief of Staff. He said it was a very bad omen for bipartisanship. The CoS traditionally is a mediating, bipartisan (if not in deeds, at least words) conduit to both sides of Congress from the White House, and is required to be able to play both sides off each other for the President’s benefit. Rove said that Emanuel is know as a partisan ‘in your face’ type of politician and frankly a very surprising choice.

  6. Why couldnt Obama pick someone in the middle like Dick Cheyney? He was a great pick.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    What does an elected Vice-President have to do with an appointed Chief of Staff?