On the second day he’s elected…

Obama gave to me:

two days of decline (the worst since ’87)

and a leaping White House chief of staff.


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    From this I understand we get our most reliable news from overseas because those publications do not fear retaliation from our new powers-that-be. How ironic… as a child we used to hear that people living behind “the iron curtain”, in communism and socialism, did not get fair and balanced coverage of their news because those governments found that controlling the news was an effective means of controlling the people. Is that happening here now?

    It also appears that Rhambo would have interesting input into a medical care programme, since he made choices which allowed his own finger to get infected, amputated at an age when he coulda / shoulda / woulda known better.

    Ironically it appears that he’d have trouble flipping people the bird, although from the way the article is written, he does a pretty good job of f*cking people over (extracting financial funding)! Not to speculate, but one does begin to wonder whether possibly this was done by means akin to blackmail or extortion? Or possibly threat?

    The steak-knife scenario seems that it may have caused property damage. Sounds like he coulda / shoulda / woulda been arrested on numerous charges. Sounds like an apt sentence might include both restitution and anger management.

    Rahmbo may make a great commentator on this blog? I suppose we’d all receive dead fish-heads! Too bad you used the adjective leaping to describe him (no doubt continuing your 12-days-o-christmas theme) because there is a commentator on this blog named Leapin which sounds similar, but expresses independent views.

  2. Questioning Claim says:

    What exactly is the link between this and Obama? Obama isn’t president yet, none of the policies that got him elected have been enacted yet. The article you cited says that there were 481,0000 first time jobless claims filed this week. This isn’t the kind of trend that started just because Obama was elected. It has been ongoing and will continue. This kind of recession is very tough to break, regardless of who was elected.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Yesterday I commented on how I was amazed there was a school system that had teachers who admitted voting for McCain. You need to watch this teacher, who knew she was being taped. Kathy’s father, who teacher Harris ‘questions’, is in the military. Make sure you watch all of the video and take your blood pressure medicine first.


  4. Cindy, how exactly did Barack Obama give you two days of decline? What role did he play in that decline? He’s not the president yet, so it’s a bit premature to start blaming him for the problems of the Bush administration.

  5. Zach, Zach, Zach. The market has never been a rational thing. It reacts to NEWS. Obama being elected was NEWS.

    As I said in another post – Democrats will be quick to blame Bush for everything in the next four years.

  6. Tinkerbell says:

    If I recall it was Clinton who started the policy of giving loans to less qualified buyers. The dominoes began to fall then… along came 9/11 bringing seeds of further decline… the convergence of several factors not ordained by Bush, but for which Bush’s feet have been held to the fire by liberal Dems and mainstream media preparing for a resurgence of the Dems in this election.

    Have the Dems not controlled the Senate? Thinking people will realize they coulda / shoulda / woulda exterted control and influence on policies to avert the economic down-turn.

    Blaming Bush has provided a convenient place to park it, but that parking meter has expired. That parking place no longer exists. And the Dems have not made announcements that will build economic confidence.

    Those who have owned stock in companies will need to believe that those companies will be positioned to make profits and pay shareholder dividends, or they can opt not to be shareholders. Period.

  7. Cindy, you crack me up. I suppose the dip in the markets had nothing to do with the fact that jobless claims jumped to a 25 year high and the fact that a number of companies announced lower than expected earnings.

    I guess it’s just easier to blame things on Obama though…

  8. Grip up, Zach. It seems you missed a comment in the 1st day which did remind you the whole thing is set to the 12 days of Christmas.

    Unemployment came out Friday, and the market went up. I can explain that, can you?

    Anyway, while you may be correct about the 25 year high , the percentage assigned to that number is not a 25 year high. There are more people to employee in America than 25 years ago thanks to our very, very relaxed immigration parameters. But it won’t keep you from using the claim over and over again to pound out blame.

  9. Tinkerbell says:

    Randy (comment #3):
    I’ve been meaning to tell you, we live in a large Republican pocket in our State. This may make it possible for people to admit to voting this way. This map is related to the links found in “Singin’ The Red State Blues” (11/08) and illustrates our Republican locality. http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/results/county/#WIP00map

    BTW, You Tube is issuing a message in lieu of showing the video you provided a link to: It says the The video has been removed due to terms of use violation. Methinks this supports your point!

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    The video in # 3 above has been removed. Here is a link that is working. The video is only 3 minutes . If anyone speaks Swedish I would like to know what the two journalists say in the 20 second intro.