The aging of Obama

I can’t find video of the press conference Obama held today. To be honest, I missed it. But the news has footage. I am surprised by how uncharacteristically unpolished he looks.

No makeup? Too much partying post election? What did you think?


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Don’t think he looked all that bad, bit exhausted perhaps, but that’s to be expected after the brutal campaign! The video is here –

    Only thing that I don’t like is the reading from script, eyes down, darting left/right style of delivery. Hopefully someone is coaching him on that.

  2. He looks much better small screen. Thanks for the link.

  3. No, it was the result of his first real security briefing. He may have lost his lunch.

  4. That would explain the extra gray hair.

  5. What would you expect? Look how bad things got f***ed up in the last eight years. He’s gonna need a BIG shovel to clean out the crap.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Other than the economy, which was fine until we got a Democratic Congress, what’s been f***** up the last 8 years?

  7. If you don’t know by now you never will.

  8. I actually think that’s a good question. I’ve often said that when talking to libs everything is shit. I’m as average as one gets. I’m doing better than I did 8 and 4 years ago. We’re safe. We’re free. What’s f*cked up?

    As for Obama . . . harsh video lighting. Give him a break.

  9. Nothing. Everything has been spectacular the last 8 years.

  10. Typical, Strupp – you probably voted for Obama because you wanted ‘change’. You don’t even know what you are changing…

  11. Tinkerbell says:

    Politically Obama has been the reticent teen harshly pointing out the foibles of the previous generation, now he is suddenly “da man”, as they used to call authority figures in the 70’s.

    I believe the dose of reality is for him like a horse being fitted with saddle and reigns for the first time. Soon the weight of a rider will be added, and his direction set for him by those who purchased his presidency. If he does not like the saddle, reigns, and extra weight, he will most surely not like the stick nor the spurs. He will not like being made to go near the snake and other frightening things. He will not like being punished for rearing up.

    He will not like knowing that his job is to remain calm in the face of all this.

    Reminds me of the poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling. The standards of which I believe McCain, Palin, Bush, and many others meet and exceed daily.

  12. My goodness, Tinkerbell. Sometimes I forget how very talented you are. That was very well written. YOU should be working on a novel this month!

  13. Tinkerbell says:

    Now if you’d only let other family members post their comments from our one home computer!

  14. They are more than welcome, and have!, each using a single identity. Last count I have was three. If it stays to that, all will be well.

  15. Tinkerbell says:

    Regarding the aging of Ah-Ah-Ahbama and his inability to clearly articulate, one may wonder where the line may be drawn between healthy conern for his safety… and outright paranoia.

    The mainstream media aired a story last night about a piece of day-old newspaper. You know, the kind is usually joked about for wrapping garbage – dare I say fish heads? It appears someone scribbled on the piece of day old newspaper. Someone else thought it might look like a bullet. Someone else said it was not believed to be a threat. Someone else said they needed to get to the bottom of this. Someone else said the old newspaper was found at a Milwaukee police station. Efforts would be made to have this instigator cease and desist. An investigation ensued.

    What do our 1st amendment rights protect?
    Scribbling? Political cartooning? Poor taste? Where do our 1st amendment rights end?

    The mainstream media aired another story last night. It was concerning a porn star doing a tripleXXX rated movie with the porn star impersonating Sarah Palin. This is intentional. This is premeditated. The porn star stands to make money at the expense of another’s image. It did not appear that effort would be made to have this instigator cease and desist.

    What do our 1st amendment rights protect?
    Porn? Political cartooning? Poor taste? Where do our 1st amendment rights end?

    Just some things for us all to think about.

  16. J. Strupp says:

    Dan, I’m not the liberal sucker who votes for a guy because of a slogan.

    But a change of direction is exactly what this country needed in many ways. We’ll see if that happens…….

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    The snub!! That wasn’t….

    For years I have read and heard that the MSM is not biased. Those of us in the new minority know this is hogwash and will continue to read and view the MSM with care and skepticism. You Obama supporters who can’t understand why some of us haven’t joined the Cum- ba- ya bandwagon get upset with one network that dares give both sides of an issue while those of us on the right deal with all the rest. I do think it’s great when one correspondant on a network produces a piece making fools out of other hosts on the same network. And the others fall right in place.–t?_s=s

  18. The Picnic says:

    once a homeless man helped me fix a flat tire. he looked terrible. because of his looks i only got 4 blocks on the brand new tire. i then called a handsome friend and we did our best and i haven’t even needed to rotate the tires in half a decade.

    does it really matter? i expect Obama to have bad breath in the morning as well but thats ok.