A new way to waste the week!

Kodak just sent an e-mail that their photobooks are buy one get one free through November 21st. The coupon code at checkout is “GETCOVER” to receive the discount. Books start at about $7 for 10 pages.

I’m going to put a few of these together for Christmas gifts. My nephew in particular needs a family album since we don’t get to see him much.

Go forth and waste a day!

On the list to do: I need to shop for a girlfriend that’s stranded in the Caribbean (for shame!) without the right sizes. It seems not being allowed to drive changes a person’s waist size.

Nah. Definitely would not consider that option around here.

Ok all you plant lovers. My dwarf Meyer lemon has started dropping leaves like crazy! It’s a bummer because I finally have a couple of blossoms opening up. Too wet? Bugs? I treat this plant better than some family members, so it’s not lack of attention.

The youngest is inducted to the NHS tonight. There’s also an annual meeting of the Elmbrook Historical Society. I had my check in to attend, but then discovered the conflicting dates. I know the kid will swear it’s no big deal, but it’s still good news around here.

I have an idea this is going to be one of those days where I barely get it all done. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t hit every topic.

BTW – I’m still thinking about breaking off Brookfield City News and making a go at a legitimate independent Brookfield/Elmbrook news source. (I know, no more Speaker bashing.) If you have a minute, let me know what you think.



  1. Interesting list and you save the most interesting for last.

    You’re right – no more editorializing – unless it’s an editorial. You learned as a local politician that news reporting has nothing to do with factual and accurate reporting of events. It has to do with selling newspapers and drumming up citizen interest for further sensationalism. Whoohoo!

    You’ll be tempted to report on issues in a thorough and complete manner with fairness to all involved. Just the facts – and only the facts.

    Blogging has legal responsibilities and there is accountability.

    News reporting also has legal responsibilities and there is accountability too – but you need professional liability insurance.

    Get insurance. And then and only then, go forward and have fun and try and make it a business for profit based upon the premise of fair play and honesty. Good luck.

    Don’t call the local American Family agent – they won’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t call an insurance agent – call an insurance broker.

    Even if it’s a web based news reporting service you need insurance.

  2. Yuck. There’s a good reason to run like heck from the idea! Who want’s those kinds of start up expenses?