Beware the “current design”

Here are several pages the Elmbrook School Board will review tomorrow night as the district continues construction on two high school remodels. It looks like the plans show they’ll spend to the penny.

One big concern of mine is the board’s willingness to spend for construction not originally included in the scope of the HSST plan. There’s lots of language in the document identifying costs per the “current design.” In particular, I’m a little worried that sketch of location for an extra gym at Central will fill in with something solid over the next few months.

We need to stay vigilant as Elmbrook taxpayers. I’d like to think that with the reductions in bids under budget taxpayers would get a bit of a break. Elmbrook doesn’t HAVE to spend the entire amount voted, you know. It would be nice to see one or two board members protect the taxpayers for once.

Heads up. It’s going to be a long process. Two board members are up in April, you know. If it doesn’t go well, I wonder, will they be at risk?