Beam me up, Google

Google added video and audio chats to their e-mail. You can download the application here.

I’ve been a fan of gmail since before it went mainstream. I’m not so sure I’ll be jumping into the video function. As I told the middle child, the thought of showing up on someone’s screen with more than one chin is a little intimidating. I know I have the hardware to take advantage of the audio, though. I’ll be adding the app for that.


  1. He was telling me about it too. Skype has had this feature for a while (my grandma uses it). He is convinced that skype isn’t secure, so maybe this is a better alternative?

  2. I tried to load Skype once and it crashed my computer, so I ran like heck after that.

    I’d say it’s worth a try for audio chat at least. But your cell phones let you do that for free…I wouldn’t let him talk you into buying a camera for video chat. If you already have one – I guess it’s worth a try. (He does, I think.)

    Don’t let it cut into study time. 🙂