Just in case you wondered, it’s tough to be a girl in this business.

Today 2 of the 27 links on the coveted WisOpinion.com page were female. Yesterday looks to have been better with 5 of 29. Monday was 1 of 17.

Not one of the bloggers on the very special Journal Sentinel link page are women. (But then who would want to be the link above an ad that wants you to “murder yellow teeth.”)

Gotta go. It’s time to keep beating my head against that wall.


  1. Try being fictional!

  2. So are you whining or calling for an affirmative action type program at WisPolitics?

    Neither sounds very conservative to me … in fact, neither sounds “Fairly Conservative” to me


  3. Tinkerbell says:

    Dear ???,
    Pointing out a fact or statistic, and restating a motivated desire to put another crack in the glass ceiling is the opposite of whining. It is an inspiration to many women, and the men who love them. KUDOS to Cindy on this one.

    Mudballs to you, “???”. You sure enjoy slingin’ ’em.

  4. ??? – did you see any evidence of whining or calling for quotas in my post? My only complaint was that it’s tough being a girl in this business. Not a whine at all – more like a battle cry actually.

    The fact that the numbers are so lopsided could be a lot of things. Males might outnumber female bloggers 17 to 1. Female bloggers might be so horrid that their work should not be recognized.

    I never said it should be changed. If you look closely, I was one of the few women linked in those three days.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:



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