So, Elmbrook, what happened at last night’s board meeting?

We don’t know. Not one of those real news sources has taken the time to let us in on the decisions made.

Who’s watching Elmbrook?


  1. Channel 12 had Terry Sater live at 10 pm. They voted to decrease the number of 220 seats for next year by 6%, or 17 students. Limited the openings to Kindergarten and 1st Grade. I believe the vote was 6-1, with Allgaier voting against it.

    Allgaier stated that the behavior issues with 220 students are 3 to 4 times higher than with resident students.

  2. Thanks Mike! A decrease of 6.1% was the recommended motion that I cut and paste above. It was a previous decision the board had made to slowly make reductions in the ratio of the drop in regular enrollment.

    No, the board didn’t actually do anything other than what Gibson wanted.

  3. Here’s the WISN story link. There you will find a link for video.

    I smell a rat here. I’d bet a couple of dollars the district called the press in to show how they are bringing the program down – giving it this breathless we’re throwing those poor black kids out of our lilly white suburb – in order to get some pushback to those of use that want the non resident issue solved.

    Let me clarify something. Diversity is great for society. Forced diversity is artificial and rarely beneficial since it’s not sustainable.

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    Do I understand correctly that non-resident students can enter Elmbrook schools through Open Enrollment? Different paperwork, same effect? Or is there a substantial difference between Chapter 220 and Open Enrollment?

  5. For the student: the difference remains in transportation. A student under 220 gets a state paid ride to and from the new school.

    For the district: a 220 student provides more revenue under the state funding program than one enrolled under open enrollment or a resident student.

  6. So, your post of 11/11 on chapter 220 stated the program has only black students. Allgaier is a member of LDS (Mormon) and was the only person to vote no, apparently because he wants to end 220 altogether. Think there’s a connection?

    If you want real dirt on the school district, why not ask about the alderman who stormed the district office last Thursday afternoon and demanded the district buy all the high school project pipes from a specific Brookfield plumbing supply company. You know, keep the money in the city during hard times, regardless of contracts and bidding. Very Michael McGee like.

  7. Technically 220 has only non-white students. No, I don’t think there’s a connection. Only a very small minded person would make such an assertion.

    Wow. I thought only Scott Berg carried a grudge like that. You’ll have to be a little less cryptic if you want me to follow up. I don’t know any alderman that has a plumbing supply company in Brookfield.

  8. Diversity is not the real issue. It is cover for not wanting to have an honest discussion in the community about the the impacts of changing the non-resident enrollment in the district. The discussion concerning 220 enrollment is much easier than that for open-enrollment.
    Since Chapter 220 has always been a property tax relief program for the suburban Milwaukee communities, a slow reduction in its number of participants would seem to be a prudent course of action. The increase in local school property taxes can be managed following such a course of action. Then, when the Chapter 220 program is eliminated – there has been some talk about that date being 2015-the resulting local property tax increase will be smaller.

    Open enrollment discussions would be more difficult since it has been a way for local communities to alleviate the impact of revenue caps and forestalls having discussions as to whether the community cuts programs or goes to referendum to exceed the caps in communities with declining resident enrollment is decreased. That discussion has the potential to be much more contentious. Which programs should be considered for elimination? Would going to referendum to exceed revenue caps be prudent or successful?
    If the teachers’ union persuades the legislature to end open enrollment so more money can be directed to MPS, the discussions concerning what to do may become very stressful throughout the Milwaukee suburbs.

  9. The issue isn’t the 220 students. The issue is the superintendent and boards incomptence.

    There is no character education being taught at the elementary or middle school level in Elmbrook. how are kids expected to know how to deal with different cultures and how to resolve conflicts if no training is provided to students or staff?

    ELmbrook has created an environment in which children are frightened and don’t know how to deal with bullying behavior. The administration and staff are focused on their reputation rather than protecting and educating.

    It’s like 16 year olds wanting to drive. You don’t give them the keys on their birthday and let them hit the road. You teach them the rules and enroll them in drivers eduction .

  10. Wasn’t Jerry Mellone involved in some sort of plumbing distributorship? I thought I remembered some conflict of interest accusation on something he proposed or reviewed a few months back. However, it sure would be radical for him to be storming the school district offices.

  11. Yes, but that business is based in New Berlin, not Brookfield as our tipster proclaimed.

    I would find it rather unlikely that Mr. Mellone “stormed” anywhere as well. Made a sales call? Maybe. But I’d be hard pressed to believe Mr. Mellone exerted “demands.”

    As I said earlier, Scott Berg carries quite a grudge with regard to the Mellone family as he feels they’ve usurped some of his entitled popularity as one who works for the electorate.

    Mr. Berg also lives within a few houses of Elmbrook President Meg Wartman. “Babbler” has insider knowledge here. Finally, Scott Berg is extraordinarily prejudiced (One of the worst racial jokes I ever heard in my life came from him one evening. You should hear him go off about why he doesn’t want sidewalks in Brookfield for those “Schwartzs and Johnsons” to walk on.) so the Michael McGee comment fits perfectly.

  12. For the record, I just spoke with Jerry Mellone who wasn’t anywhere near the Elmbrook district offices last Thursday.

    Babbler, come clean or you’re banned.

  13. Cindy –
    I just had the misfortune of reading your site and came across your accusations. I have no idea who “babbler” is or what he/she is talking about. I am certain that if you had some conclusive evidence that it was me (you have often claimed to trace IP addresses to specific people, which I find hard to believe) you would surely have revealed it by now. As for what other fantasies and innuendos you cook up, well, I think your record of animosity towards me speaks for itself.

    BTW, Ald. Sutton is a salesman for Victualic who manufactures speciality pipes and Ald. Lisa Mellone also works in the family plumbing supply business. Sounds like your interviews were pretty incomplete. Besides, the post claims “a specific Brookfield plumbing supply company” not “the alderman’s plumbing company” so I’m not even sure you interpreted it correctly.

    And you want to be a professional journalist?

  14. Berg working with the electorate?

    ha ha ha haaaaaa

  15. Sorry folks, Scott Berg’s comment was labeled as spam. He uses a continuous switching program for his IP, so the comments – he submitted the same twice – were caught by the filter.

    That could account for being unable to track “Babbler,” too.

    We’ve already covered the Mellone’s company (how interesting that Mr. Berg would assert this again!) I’ll put in a call to Sutton today.

    I never said Berg was Babbler. I did show where the behavior of our Babbler is very consistent with the behavior of Scott Berg. Maybe they are just two peas in a pod.

    And hey Scottie! Thanks for reading.

  16. Funny. On the PDA the banner for this page says scott berg brookfield

    I like how he just happens to stumble across this stuff. Like he isn’t out there constantly reading this site.

  17. Whoops. My bad. I fixed that.

    Folks, I did get a call from Dan Sutton tonight. He was at the Elmbrook district offices last Thursday. He went not for his own work, but for a 1st district business owner who wanted to know if the work for which his company could supply materials was already promised.

    You see, there’s this terrible rumor (for taxpayers at least) going around that work being bid on the high schools is already promised to certain suppliers. Dan Sutton and I both hope that’s not the case, as many supplier bids have not been let. It would be very bad indeed if one company were given bid preference over another. It would be great if a Brookfield company would have equal chance to benefit from Elmbrook tax dollars.

    Dan worked on behalf of a constituent, not his own company. For shame on the sleazy fool that tried to slam both Glen Allgaier and a Brookfield alderman in the same comment. You had such insider information…and from what I learned tonight, it could have well come from either City Hall or the Elmbrook finance office. Mayor Jeff Speaker and Bob Borch both knew of the visit.

  18. Isn’t it interesting that channel 12 would broadcast live on Tuesday regarding the 220 issue, yet the Journal has yet to report on it?

  19. It’s my understanding that the Journal has pretty much abandoned the suburbs. CNI had a blurb “pre press deadline” in this Thursday’s paper.

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    If they ever come up with a class to teach character and how to deal with other cultures they should certainly copyright the content as it would be priceless.

  21. Recall, I disagree. I strongly believe that character development is my responsibility rather than the school district’s, but I must say that I do find support for my efforts in our schools. Teachers and administrators do teach respect and conflict management, especially in the elementary and middle grades. What I’ve seen appear to be building-level initiatives.

  22. kathryn –

    Sorry but there is nothing in Elmbroke that resembles respect and conflict mgmt in elementary and middle schools and only hillside has anything close.

    The PPMS beatings proves my point. You can say its your responsiblity to teach character but when your child is looking at a leathal weapon in the hand of someone who.s parent does not have your entegrity and educational backround, and staff that doesn’t know how to defuse the situation, your child may be clubbed spiked stabbed or shot.

    You have a 220 kid at Burleigh when in first grade stating he will KILL the teacher and every kid in class. He is now in 3rd grade…..

    At Bureigh.

    Just wait til middle school

    check the bullying guidelines at DPI.

    then compare to Elmbroke

  23. Tinkerbell says:

    Recall, What is the bullying guidelines at DPI – is there a link for this? Is there an official district guide with a link (or did you mean to compare with what people might be aware of in daily practice)?

  24. Tinkerbell

    or search wisconsin dpi bullying guidelines

    Compare to Elmbroke bullying policies

    search ….. you will find nothing

    and if you do find anything that might resemble anything it is not practiced or enforced


  25. Hi Randy,

    Here are some examples of good character building and antibullying curriculum

    Character Education and Steps to Respect Overview

    A bulletin: Combating Fear and Restoring Safety in Schools

    And from, a search on “Bullying”

    · (100%) CESA #1 November 2006 Newsletter
    · (50%) internet

    Results from other Elmbrook Schools sites:

    (Swanson) P.E.A.C.E. Corner
    (Swanson) 11_15_07
    (Swanson) PEACE Corner
    (Swanson) PEACE Corner
    (Swanson) 12_06_07
    (Swanson) PEACE documents
    (Swanson) 10_18_07
    (Swanson) PEACE Corner
    (Swanson) PEACE Corner
    (Swanson) 2_21_08
    (Swanson) The Students’ Viewpoint
    (Tonawanda) Microsoft Word – Tales 09-26-2008
    (Tonawanda) Microsoft Word – Tales 03-23-07.doc
    (Tonawanda) Microsoft Word – Tales 05-11-07.doc
    (Pilgrim Park) Realistic Fiction
    (Brook El) Brookfield Elementary Handbook 2008-09

    PPMS has a hit because of a book of FICTION recommended by the critic’s corner.

    Nothing at the District level. The lack of content and action by the District of Elmbroke is deafening .

  26. Brookfield Now is finally publishing an article on the Elmbrook Board’s 220 decision.