Whoops. Someone forgot to bring Hope and Change to the stock market.

It’s a little tough to watch again today.


  1. Face it. Until Inauguration (and probably for some time after), anything good that happens will be because of Barack, anything bad will be because of the Bush administration.

  2. Boy Cindy, you sure aren’t afraid to cast blame on Obama, even when it’s not warranted, are you?

    We only have one president at a time, and until January 20, 2009 that president is George W. Bush.

  3. You obviously don’t understand, Zach. The market usually goes up between an election and inauguration. I guess Obama’s special.

    By the way – I didn’t even mention The One’s name! 🙂

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    You’re right, especially when it comes to the MSM. But today I bought gasoline for $1.82/gallon and I want to thank President Bush. The lower prices are saving me around $100 per month over what I paid in July.

  5. “Whoops. Someone forgot to bring Hope and Change to the stock market.”

    Maybe not.

  6. Nah, we put in a new low the other day. I suspect we’ll have to test it before this is over.

    But I sure will take it for now! I need to cash out of a couple of things, and this looks good enough for me.

  7. Oh, I’m with you in the long run Cindy. Can’t argue. All I’m saying is that the market’s rise last week was a reaction to Obama’s appointees.

    As we’ve seen today, it doesn’t matter if he appoints Jesus as Treasury Secretary at this point.

    I gotta feeling we’ll be testing 6,000 when this thing bottoms out. You have hedge funds buying the Jolly Bond right now for Pete’s sake. If that isn’t an indication of everything hitting the fan, I don’t know what is.

    I feel bad for you old people. At least I have another 30 years to buy back my shirt 🙂

  8. I’m not wild about roller coasters in the first place. This is getting a little old.