Haute Taco is a cool place

Yep. The spouse and I finally made it to this local Brookfield eatery last Saturday night. Even though we started early, we had to wait a bit for a table. That left us to sit at the bar. I had a “cheap ass” margarita. The spouse had something I think they called a Paloma. The tequila was mixed with grapefruit juice. (Blech! But he liked it.)

The waitstaff is young, but service was fine. The food was exceptional. We both started with a cup of tortilla soup. We both had a pork belly taco. His was on corn, mine on a flour tortilla. He also ordered a fish taco with cole slaw.

I’m not great at describing food sometimes, and I’m afraid I won’t do this justice. The pork was cubed and served with a little sauce (chipotle?) that worked perfectly. The flavors were rounded and complete. A hint of heat, but nothing overwhelming. A touch of lime maybe? A little smokey flavor? I haven’t tasted anything so wonderful in a very long time. I could have eaten a couple of these little wonders without blinking. The soup had the same completeness in flavor. There was a huge slice of avocado floating at the top. (Oh, dear, be still, my heart!) The corn tortilla strips were still crunchy when it was served.

There’s one thing I will caution. It looks like you aren’t ordering much food when you start. A taco is under $3, a cup of soup is a little more. Together they are a nice meal. I saw a burrito that would feed three people. Look around before you dive into the menu. Next time we’ll order a little more variety and share.

By all means, go! Unlike my disappointment with Agave, this little jewel box gives a diner satisfaction. The presentation is lovely. The decor is earthy and not at all contrived. Besides, you felt like one of the cool kids for even being there.

Congratulations to Haute Taco. May the restaurant find great success in Brookfield.

*Haute Taco is located in the Brookfield Towne Center on the southwest corner of Capitol Drive and Brookfield Road. For a menu, albeit outdated, and hours check the restaurant’s Web site.

Here’s the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Review. Here’s another local blogger’s opinion.


  1. Cindy,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Been there a few times with business associates and the whole experience is great (I do have to admit I am biased towards Mexican food, so take my endorsement for what it’s worth)…..

  2. My daughter, sister (from the Falls) and I have been there a number of times and were impressed. We are spreading the word. My daughter and I could get a very generous meal for $ 25 for the both of us. Drinks are expensive unless you order the special of the day. Good addition to the dining scene on Capitol, which seems to be up and coming. I love the fact that it’s not on Bluemound. I’ve not tried Agave but my daughter and sis have and they had the same general impression that you did.