To Kill a Mockingbird

To get to the dog groomer
To finish the bit on discerning a candidate
To buy groceries

That’s the list for today. I’m going a little quieter until I read next week’s book club selection. Believe it or not, I’ve never read To Kill a Mockingbird before.

First I need to get the sweet aging puppy to a spa day. It’s probably going to be close to one of his last. Watching this dog die is no fun. He can still perk up and have a puppy moment, but they’re few and far between. (There’s always the chance he’ll keep going like this for years! No one can tell me for sure.)

Then I’ll write 2a – discerning a candidate. I’ll wait until next week to cover 3 and 4 on Rebuilding the GOP – steps to the state and national recovery. There is good news, though. This last voter turnout was not record as promised. That means if Republicans pay attention, they can get voters back to the polls.

To buy groceries. Yes, people expect food in the house. I’ll head back to Sendik’s to pick up some wine as well. They have Washington Hills for $7.99. The Cab and Chardonnay aren’t bad. (The Chardonnay in particular is creamier than the crisp finish I usually prefer, but good to have around for those that don’t like a bite at the end.) I didn’t care for the Shiraz, and didn’t try the Merlot – but it did pick up 86 points from Wine Spectator.