They openly laughed at him

Check out this video of interviews Peter Schiff gave prior to the market collapse. Watch the others openly laugh at his ideas.

Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Taking the opposing position doesn’t always mean you’ve earned a tin foil hat. Here’s another summary of what Schiff was saying in May 2008. When you read this, see that he has been wrong so far about oil, the dollar, and gold. In the clip above, though, he’s not saying anything different from what my girlfriend and I figured out on our walks a few years ago.

Here’s what Peter Schiff is saying now.

H/T: Pheisty Blog


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    Wow! His insights are golden!

    Related to the issue of our economy, there was commentary on the Chris Matthews show today to the effect that:
    It is interesting that both Obama and Biden resigned their Senate seats this week… timing their withdrawal immediately before important meetings on the economy in the next few weeks. IF THEY WERE SERIOUS about helping the economy they could have remained in their Senate seats for these meetings. They seem to want to distance themselves from that.

    There was also commentary along the lines of believing their show may be discussed on other shows Monday.

    (If this piques your curiousity, this note may serve as your “heads up”.)