Premature leadership syndrome

I just don’t remember ever in the history of America having an Office of the President Elect. Dang if I can find it in the constitution. BO’s done gone and give us one this year. (Sorry – syntax from the book is wearing off a bit!)

This office comes complete with it’s own Web site,, and weekly Tubeside chats. Here’s the first installment:

Fairly Conservative readers know what he’s up to with this one. Web users under 25 respond to video. Republicans better find a hip young telegenic mouthpiece to do the same or they miss the chance to influence a chunk of voters. (For readers hip to the ways of YouTube, you’ll get a kick out of knowing those cool kids at ChangeDotGov have disabled the opportunity for comments or video responses.)

I ‘spect we’ll be be seein’ more of this kind o’ thing as Mr. Obama ascends to his throne.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    When you don’t have a real message, you have to keep telling it.

  2. Yes, Randy, like brainwashing!

    I see BO is helping the newmerica adjust to a one-sided political process. ;0 “disabled the opportunity for comments or video responses” = limiting 1st amendment rights.

    As long as he massages them with technology, some will not be concerned with the message.
    They may feel they are getting special spa treatment.

    It is like they are zombies, unthinking sheeple, or mice happily unquestioningly following the Pied Piper to the tune of his strange music.

    Funny, do we even have an expression to tell this generation to “wake up and smell the coffee!”? What would it be? Wake up and… smell the soda pop? the pop-tarts? hear the i-tunes? hear your leader?

    While it would be great to have a conservative on YouTube we could all rally around, perhaps we as individuals can break the spell if we continue to rally around TRUTH and use old fashioned talking to people, being willing to be laughed at as Schiff was…?

  3. Waukesha Mom says:
  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    W mom
    The Act(s) you refer to provide for an office, little o, but unless I missed it the Act(s) do not provide for the Office of President-Elect, capital O. There is a difference.

  5. Nor do I recall anyone ever flaunting it with a newly designed sign. But then, maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.

  6. Dang! I just read that. So BO’s taken the right to have access to a fax machine and made a beauty queen banner out of it.

    Tee Hee.

  7. Tinkerbell says:

    tee-hee indeed! I have an office too! I even have stationary printed, “From The Office of…”!

  8. I just finished reading Atlas Shrugged today. This man may be our President-Elect but he sounds like a character in the book brought to life. (And not one of the good guys either)

  9. That’s quite an accomplishment! Congratulations.

  10. Where in the transition from Presidential Candidate, to President-Elect, to POTUS does he stop making promises that can never be delivered?

    In three and a half minutes he promised to solve the financial crisis, fix the auto industry, revolutionize health care, curb our dependence on foreign oil, and provide education to everyone.

    Some one want to explain who foots the bill for all of that and/or explain HOW he can do that?

    If it is sooo easy, why do we have a financial crisis, oil problems, health care issues?

    You are telling me the brightest minds in the world – to this point – have only created the problems… and now, only because of our messiah will they be solved.

    The American people have become insanely delusional.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    Dan H
    I agree. And remember it’s not ‘what’ he says but how well he says it.

  12. Charlie Miller says:

    I guess I don’t see the problem with B.O. getting an early start to try and establish a connection with the country and world.

    You’d still be nagging him if he was sitting back and enjoying his last few weeks from the media before taking the presidency.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    There will be no “from the media” moments needed for Obama. You’re confusing him with the last eight years. He is their guy and knows he has nothing to fear from the MSM. He also will try to bring back the Fairness Doctrine to further his control over the media.

  14. Dear Dan H,
    I, along with many others, see a way these ills can be fixed. A way that BO and his staff have hinted at many times. That way is socialism. Rather than paying 50% or so of our income in taxes as we do now (think income tax, sales tax, property tax, license and user fees, etc) we will pay MORE to the government. We will have less discretionary income. We will have fewer choices. The government will decide for us what is best, in all things. This streamlining builds in efficiency. That is how it can be accomplished. The reason it has not been accomplished in this country to date is because we have had enough headstrong, outspoken people like our Founding Fathers who were willing to do without everything else in order to have FREEDOM. Religious freedom. Economic freedom. Freedom of speech.

    The American people are delusional if they now value “things” over freedom. Especially “things” promised by a man who has broken his word, essentially purchasing the power of his future position in the White House by changing his agreement to use limited public campaign funds, in favor of collecting vast unlimited and untraceable amounts of money for this purpose.

    Dear Charlie,
    I do not believe the public would expect a president- elect to “sit back and enjoy” during the lame duck period. But many may expect a president-elect to continue with his Senatorial duties and obligations rather resign a tad earlier than necessary. Rather than speaking blah-blah-blah about what he’s going do, he could actually be rolling up his sleeves and doing it now as part of a team.

    Some may say he does not work well with others as peers, but prefers a rather dictatorial or paternalistic style. This is the essence of much concern. It is not THAT he is doing something. It is WHAT he is choosing to do, as well as the opportunities he is forgoing (ie: what he is choosing NOT to do.)