A book club review – To Kill a Mockingbird

We had a blast tonight. Eleven were in attendance.

Several had read the book before. Two of us had not. We all agreed that reading it again as “big kids” made a difference.

I enjoyed the discovery today that “Dill” is actually Truman Capote, a childhood friend of Harper Lee. Then one of the gals said there was a resurfacing conspiracy theory that Capote had actually written the book, but Lee was given the credit.

We all agreed a biography of Harper Lee might be in order.

Other fun? Three of us were reared in the South, (one in Alabama!) so we had some fun with context. There were a couple of “ahah!” moments as we unwound the final scene with Arthur Radley and Bob Ewell. We took some time on where Heck Tate picked up that knife and whether Boo’s stabbing Ewell was foreshadowed in the story of Boo taking the scissors to his dad. Finally, we made the connection with “Boo” and the Halloween finale.

I love these ladies. It’s a privilege to be included. (And the best part about not being elected anymore! The Council voted the budget tonight. Budget or book club. Yeah, that’s an obvious choice.)


  1. I just read a biography of Harper Lee. It suggests that Lee wrote a considerable amount of “In Cold Blood” for which Capote gave no credit. At the least, Capote depended heavily on her notes–also no credit. An interesting friendship.

    Lee wrote a little article for Oprah’s “O” several months ago. The voice seemed familiar.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Isn’t it true that Harper Lee never had another book published? If so, did your club discover why?

  3. Yes, that’s true. (At least under her own name.) No one knew why. That’s why we thought her biography might be interesting.

    I said something about everyone having one great book to write. Maybe that was hers and she knew when to quit.

  4. Mockingbird is an American classic, and one of the few cases where the film was the equal of the book. Will anyone ever think of Atticus Finch without picturing Gregory Peck?

  5. Tinkerbell says:

    Thinking of your wonderful and encouraging comment about everyone having a great book to write, how’s your November Novel coming along?

  6. Very poorly indeed. I thought it would be easier. I have a new respect for those who get around to finishing.