Obama’s head on a platter

No, really!

(Update – a little technical note. This post was originally labeled “Obama’s head on a plate” and I tried to include a photo. For some reason the blog coding went crazy with that, and I couldn’t fix it without starting over. Again, the software stood in the way so I had to choose another title. Every once in a while, the blog wins. I kind of think of the software like Hal in the movie 2002 A Space Odyssey then.)


  1. Oh take it down. Please. I’m eating my lunch here. And besides it’s one of those pesky windows you can’t back out of. Take it down, it’s really horrible.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    This ‘first’ thing is growing old real fast. The site linked is pushing BO as the first black ‘Commander’. I assume they rushed the site up so fast they left off the ‘in-chief.’
    How about he’ll be the ‘first’ President with known terrorists as associates and the ‘first’ President to openly admit doing hard, illegal drugs. Those plates probably wouldn’t sell as well.

  3. Randy? It’s over, Buddy. Put your feet up and relax until January. Then you’ll be all rested for when our new President takes the country out for a test drive.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    You mean when he ” takes power and begins to rule”? Oh yea, the elections over. But after 8 years of being on the other side I’m loving this feeling of empowerment from being the super minority. I’m so relaxed I could fall asleep on the Stairmaster. Life is incredibly joyful.