Wait! Hooters has cheesy tater tots?

That’s today’s silly search: Hooters cheesy tater tot.

Ok, so now I might have to go. It’s important to know if they compare well to Sonic’s version.


  1. Yippiee!!! See? there’s always a reason to head on down to Hooters!!! (almost missed this post heading back from a biz trip).

  2. Deleted my tasteless joke about small potatoes and hooters waitresses

  3. Even cheesy tater tots won’t bring me to Hooters. I have no use for that place at all.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Karen P
    You’re missing the best wings in the world. They’re really gooood.

  5. Karen, I know, but I thought a couple of readers would get a kick out of my abandoning my earlier principles for cheesy tater tots. I’ve written about Sonic’s before.

    I don’t think I will actually be going.

  6. Toying with us Randy …. she’s toying with us.