Are you ready for some football?

I’ve written before about the spouse’s fondness for college ball. Tonight we’re watching Texas Tech at OU. It promises to be a great game given both teams’ scoring averages. (Yes, I’m one of those boring girls that enjoys watching offense.)

My brother’s an OU grad (Engineering around ’89 but darn if I can remember), so a prudent sister wouldn’t dare be rooting against OU. Texas Tech romped all over OSU, the favorite team in this household. OU v. OSU is yet to be played.

(Owen should thank me for not mentioning mentioning Texas A&M’s showing this year in the Big 12.)


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    You got your wish. Now the #1 fun begins. Oh yea, Obama’s gonna fix that too!

  2. That’s right, the monday before the election, Barack talked about bringing a playoff bracket to NCAA football. Ha. Maybe the only promise he can actually deliver