City of Brookfield fails to clear a path

I started hearing about weather coming our way yesterday morning. So why were Brookfield streets in such miserable condition for rush hour? Sure, the main roads were done, but driving through I realized I could not find even one subdivision road that had been plowed.

What’s up with that? Service has been reliable in the past. These first two weather incidents have been misses, though. I saw cars in ditches and medians already this morning.


  1. Maybe the City is trying to save money and not have to borrow itself now that it has become the lender of operating funds to EBSD. So what happens if EBSD can’t find a lender for it’s construction plans?
    And given the probable increase in delinquent tax bills due to the economy, how is that handled? If EBSD counts on XXX dollars in February but the tax collections are behind, does the County become a lender as well?