Come on. Give Badger Blogger a hug.

I know most of you think blogs are ridiculous. You have this strange love/hate relationship with those of us that ferret out the news you finally see on tv or read in that real paper every morning. Last night I saw another example of a blogger’s work hitting the mainstream – without any credit of course.

Patrick at Badger Blogger is doing this incredible series where he’s highlighting the spending of MPS. Last Saturday he popped up a piece showing that underfunded (read that sarcastically, please) district purchasing lots and lots of iPods. Yesterday, Charlie picked it up. (He at least gave a link!) Last night I saw it on WTMJ news. You bet, they made it look like they’d discovered it all by themselves.

Have you hugged your favorite blogger today?


  1. Chris from Racine says:

    I’ve gotta say, that ticked me off. Heaven forbid the MSM give credit where credit is due…Patrick & the gang have broken more stories than any other blog that I know of.

  2. Thanks. I have come to not expect credit from the MSM, but I do appreciate the shout-out from the alternative media 😉