Schwei will not run in 2009

Area IV Elmbrook School Board member Steve Schwei announced that he will not be seeking re-election next April. Area IV is roughly the SE quadrant of the Elmbrook district, including Elm Grove.

Elmbrook residents, it’s time to put your thinking caps on. Most candidates run for their first office because someone asks them to do so. Is there someone from that area of the district you think would represent your Elmbrook concerns well? Now’s the time to discuss it.

Paper work is available from the Elmbrook CAO starting today. Between 100 and 200 signatures are to be filed by January 6th to put a name to the ballot.

The at-large seat currently held by President Meg Wartman is also to be elected next April. I doubt she’ll have an opponent.


  1. Who will step up?

  2. I’m hearing a little chatter, and admit the candidates being suggested have potential.

    Perhaps it’s a good idea to discuss what the issues will be this candidate faces. I’m not inclined to vote for someone based on likability this time. I sure as heck don’t want an accident like Dave Marcello sliding through again.

  3. Well, Chris woke one of the issues up.

  4. Platform for Change Elmbrook at large seat

    Declining Enrollment
    Non-Resident Students
    New High Schools
    Building Maintenance and Capital Budgeting
    Child Safety
    Replacement of Superintendent and Administrative Team
    DPI Investigation
    Reporting of Behavioral Issues
    Calling the Police when Crimes were Committed
    Possible Violation of Federal Law by Current Board Members
    Enforcement of Current Elmbrook Schools Policies
    Anti-Bullying Initiative – As District has been contacted by DPI to address
    Police Liaison
    Surveillance Cameras in all schools