The Salient Housewife

I’ve decided that would be a fun title for a blog. (Yes, I know, now that I’ve mentioned it a certain someone will hop out and register the domain.) Anyway…

This salient housewife played a good part of last evening and failed to accomplish several necessary tasks, so she must get to them this morning. After the thrill of dishpan hands and the computer task of working up a bit of marketing for the photography exhibit that will open Saturday, she’ll check on the local and national news to make sure there’s nothing that really needs her public opinion. (I am being a little silly here.) Then she’ll get to work on a few things:

1) The national component of rebuilding the GOP;
2) Just what kind of Mayor does Brookfield have anyway?
and, 3) If I catch the Elmbrook school board meeting on TV I’ll recap the highlights.

Let me know if there’s anything I’m missing.

(And good morning!)