A little birdie told me…

…that Dr. Matt Gibson has a Facebook page set up complaining about how he handles snow days.


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    The “early release” for younger students yesterday may mean that the district will NOT have to make up a snow day?

  2. The li’l darlings announced that Dr. Gibson no longer has the authority to cancel classes for snow (etc.)

    You have to wonder who makes this stuff up to spread around in a high school…

  3. The way I read the announcement, the early release was to get kids home at a reasonable hour–I’ve had kids arrive at 5:30 in similar conditions. Early beats late.

    I think you are right about the snow day, Tink. If they served lunch, it probably counts as a full day.

  4. Pretty sad Facebook page, it says Gibson should be shot as it’s title. I don’t think we need to be publicizing it.

  5. Tinkerbell says:

    Someone may want to alert that kid to remove the page before someone misconstrues it as a threat and overreacts by escalating it into the legal system.

    Then again I understand the high school kids are shown violent R-rated movies and clips of R-rated movies without parental permission because the BEHS principal believes that seeing violence does not lead to acting out. So I am sure no one related to our schools would take a common expression and consider it a threat of violence, under these circumstances?

    Unfortunately kids feel pressure from the system and do not have positive places for their suggestions and input, or are disappointed with the lack of results when they’ve done their best to be heard. Perhaps we should focus on improving this? Perhaps then we will find kids’ use of their first amendment rights to be more moderate, revealing less frustration?

  6. I think the page is great. Those who want to push back are doing so. When you read the page it’s a good display of give and take.

    If I remember correctly “he ought to be shot” is rather common colloquial language, not a death threat.

    I’m sure Facebook would intervene before anyone had to hire a lawyer.

  7. I know the kid that made this Facebook group. As of now, the group no longer exists. The kid told me that he feared being suspended/expelled from East for doing it. He was going to change the title to “Dr. Gibson Should Be Fired” but then found out you cannot change a group title. He also put a small note in the group saying that he should not be shot, only fired. And, he realized district employees and teachers are on Facebook.