That most important meal of the day. This morning’s is a bowl of porridge with a cubed golden delicious apple from Aldi’s and a sprinkle of really good cinnamon from a very good acquaintance of mine. I always eat oatmeal the mornings I lift.

I’ve been thinking about something given the announcement of the trouble in Illinois, so you know me, I might as well share.

Yes, most politicians are sleazy. The more people it took to get them elected, the sleazier they become. Not everyone starts out that way, but it kind of happens. I guess it was a good thing I got out of the business. I get to keep my soul intact.

Honestly, most don’t get elected thinking “what’s in it for me?” It doesn’t take long before you realize the perks aren’t bad. I really, really, liked having my street very clean of snow before everyone else. You don’t ask to have your street cleaned first; it just happens. The same with invitations to business openings, usually restaurants, where you eat drink and make merry on someone else’s dime.

I remember reading Scott Jensen’s expenses from his campaign statements once. He was buying tickets to gala events all over SE Wisconsin with donated money. This little lifestyle perk was perfectly acceptable according to the elections board. He was, after all, getting his name out there with his $800 a plate dinners.

Somewhere a politician is drinking a $500 bottle of wine convinced he’s simply doing his job. Another has managed to get a neighboring community off his back for outstanding rental property code violations because he’s a “nice guy.” Still another is wearing a monogrammed sweatshirt as he chomps down on his free ice cream cone from a local opening.

You don’t mean to, but it happens anyway.

For the handful of you newly elected, nothing but extreme diligence is required. Of course, you can’t tell anyone what you’re doing. For thousands of ensconced elected, this is their purpose, their perk; some will even say their right.

Don’t let it happen to you.


  1. Completely unrelated but want to put it out there in cindy’s blogosystem: I need/want a classic car for my wedding day! Any ideas from you faithful FC readers?

  2. You can use my PT Cruiser convertible. 🙂

    Actually, I know lots of people who know classic cars. What do you want?

  3. Bridget and I just want a classic car to take us from church to reception. The only hitch is that the wedding is in Madison. What did you have in mind?

  4. Go with a Rambler. You can’t go wrong.

  5. A Kenosha Caddilac! You would think in WI there would be some company that rents classic rides for weddings- not the case. Hence I’m left with trying to find a private owner who would want to help me out. Any ideas?

  6. So what do you mean by Classic? 1980 would be a classic to a young rat like yourself.

    Matt’s dad would be a good place to start, Dan. He hangs in that crowd and probably would be my first call. You could always put a blurb on the Madison Craig’s list. Lie and tell ’em it’s a same sex wedding if you want a discount. 🙂

  7. Already have a thing on craigs, I will see if I can get in touch w/ mr O. Got an email for him?

  8. On its way through e-mail.

  9. El Gato has a few i believe….

  10. He’s got bikes. No thanks.