Book Club: the Christmas shindig

Last night was our Christmas gathering for book club. We don’t read for this one. This year we happily ate our way through amazing food, exchanged an ornament that was supposed to tell a little about us, and set the list of books for next year.

One of the more enchanting ornaments was a handmade mini book that unfolded to be a star. Each book we’d read for the year was written on a page. (If I find something similar in the next couple of days, I’ll post a link.) I made a blanket stitched puffy red wool heart with an appliqued star. The hanger was a hammered bow I twisted from black wire.

We were allowed to steal the ornament we brought back. There was one obvious retrieval as a grandmother of six took back her sleigh of six snowkids.

These gals are some of the best found anywhere. I’m very lucky to have them as book club buddies.

To blog or to shop. That’s today’s question. I have several things stacking up on the blog list, but I also face a growing Christmas list. Of course, leaving the house will mean abandoning my sack of Oreos and actually getting dress. (Yes, Mr. Happy Pants, that was special just for you.) I’m not making now bets one way or the other. I recommend you do the same.

PS – Speaking of Oreos, one resourceful woman brought these for dessert last night. Oh, my!