Reading this Sunday’s paper

I tend to read the paper in a way that keeps me heading back to the computer. So many stories offer Web sites now which is great because I usually want more information.

Here are two that caught my eye so far:

Housing values in America.

I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, and a second home would be no exception. So far I have avoided the discussion when the spouse has mentioned a second home. I’m a little concerned about being tied to one place with a whole world to see.

There may be room to change my mind given the current housing situation. After all, there are places we keep heading back to because of consistent air fare values or the community is on Midwest’s route and we can use frequent flier miles. When I saw an article in today’s paper about a study IHS Global Insight had done on which housing markets were most undervalued, I was curious.

The Global Insight Web site did little to help. To get the 3rd quarter report from which the press release (and the article) had been written, I was to fill out a form and wait for someone to contact me. But I wanted it now! I did a little internet searching which revealed a link to a similar report in 2006. From there I used the company’s file naming standard to see if I could find it anyway. No luck. Then I searched that same presumed name and shazaam! Here’s the report courtesy of National City Bank.

Sure enough, one of my favorite places is at -20% or so, and it may be time to start looking.

Most available jobs in Wisconsin.

Another sidebar of interest popped up in the careers section today. The paper does a piece on the most available jobs in Wisconsin. Number 3 (Waiters and Waitresses) and 14 (Sales Reps) were highlighted. What are the others?

Behold, the 25 careers in Wisconsin with the best annual job openings. You’ll notice they aren’t always the higher paying jobs. (How do housekeepers keep landing on the list if we’re in such economic disarray?)

That’s it for now. I’ll add to this when I finish a few other sections. The Sunday paper can be an all day event, so check back.


  1. Make sure to catch the article by James Glanz briefly detailing the new federal history, “Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience”.